David Crowley Research Documents: The Gray Stage #8

Start with the 662 photographs of the crime scene, and the 94 pages of Apple Valley Police reports.

To get a better understanding of what the crime scene looked like, check out the 57 points of interest noted by authorities.

From there you may want to read the contents of the 911 calls by Collin and Judy Prochnow. Komel’s final text messages were also released to Dan Hennen and put on his website, The Ugly Truth. Hennen also pointed out a clear contradiction about Rani’s emergency contact info, “Cypress Montessori told law enforcement there were NO emergency contact phone numbers provided, but the Minnesota BCA reports show otherwise.”

After you’ve read the final email exchanges between Jason Allen and David Crowley,┬áconsider reading Dan Hennen’s informative article, and maybe even one of my Gray Stage articles.Regardless of your view on this case, please do as much research as possible.


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1 thought on “David Crowley Research Documents: The Gray Stage #8”

  1. has anyone noticed all the kitchen photos are gone?
    there was a note there from the daughter saying how wonderful dad was.
    not really surprised it’s gone,
    just surprised most of this is so out in the open.

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