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Gray Stage – 711 BCA Crime Scene Images and Documents

A data request was fulfilled and mailed out by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension on September 20th, 2018. We received close to 500 pages of BCA documents and reports, along with 711 Crime Scene Images. Please help us sort through these documents and examine the images. There are some useful dates and times, specifically related to the time of deaths and Item 57. You can download the images here. You can download the 488 pages of BCA data here.

711 BCA Crime Scene Images

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The documents…

BCA 4464

BCA 4777

BCA 5052

BCA 4760

You can find more documents here.

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ALL IN should give hope to independent professional wrestling companies worldwide. ALL IN begins with Shalandra Royal singing the National Anthem. The Star Spangled Banner set the tone for the evening. It was clear this was going to be a traditional professional wrestling event. There was no way I was going to be left out of the ALL IN experience. It was the best $40 I spent in a long time. This is professional wrestling at its finest.

The Bullet Club fans were all in attendance as well. Bullet Club T-Shirts were everywhere. This was their event because the Sears Centre Arena said so. The legendary Don Callis, Cyrus in ECW, who also happens to be the greatest color commentator today, graced us all with his presence, looking clearly annoyed with his two fellow broadcasters. Nevertheless, both Excalibur and Ian Riccaboni were able to keep up with Lord Cyrus, and hopefully they learned a thing or two.

MJF vs. Matt Cross – Matt Cross was great but this was all designed to elevate Maxwell Jacob Feinstein. “I don’t have to flip to get over,” MJF told the crowd. He’s right. MJF has only been wrestling for three years, but it may as well have been thirty. It was just one miscalculation that cost MJF the victory he clearly deserved. MJF misses a moonsault, which allowed Cross to connect with a shooting star press for the pin.

Sean Mooney is backstage speaking with the current NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. Aldis looks like he’s been taking fashion tips from Ric Flair. Keep it up! The world is watching. Either Aldis will beat the son of The American Dream, or he will fall into a deep dark nightmare. 10,000 people in Chicago are watching live.

Christopher Daniels vs. Stephen Amell – Jerry Lynn is here to be the New Reffin’ Show! What a great addition to this Hollywood homerun. The Fallen Angel vs. The Broken Arrow? If Stephen Amell continues with matches like this he has a bright future as a professional wrestler. Expectations are usually very low for such a staged match. Up until this match, the last time I thoroughly enjoyed a bout with a Hollywood celebrity was during the main event of the original WrestleMania. Unrelated, Stephen Amell is also an honorary member of the Bullet Club.

Don Callis reminded us all, “The history of pro wrestling is littered with Hollywood actors who thought they could enter the squared circle, and the record is not good.”

Going into the match, Amell was 2-0, with both wins being in tag-team matches. More so, Amell has never been in the ring with someone like Christopher Daniels; a former Grand Slam Champion in Ring of Honor.

Stephen Amell was able to keep up with Daniels, keep me invested as a fan, and keep me interested throughout the entire fight. This was a brutal fight. This is good for business. Still, all good stories must come to an end. This story ended with Christopher Daniels defeating a Hollywood star, and someone I am proud to call a professional wrestler, Stephen Amell by pinfall. The Best Moonsault Ever is alive and well.

So we have two matches where, in my opinion, the loser of the match was elevated in the rankings due to their impressive performance.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Chelsea Green vs. Madison Rayne vs. Britt Baker – The Women of Honor made their presence felt in this Four Corner Survival match. Chelsea Green may be a “hot mess” and former Impact champion, but Madison Rayne was clearly the favorite to win. Then there was the Impact Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard who has everything going for her. Being a professional wrestling champion means you are in an elite class of athletes. You are representing the most respected sports industry on this planet. Tessa Blanchard is also the daughter of a former professional wrestling champion and a member of the Four Horsemen, Tully Blanchard. Tessa is also from North Carolina, and anyone from the same state as Ric Flair has the potential to be a massive star. A little Flair-dust goes a long way. Tessa won the fans over with her strength and raw wrestling ability. The Hot Mess Chelsea Green came close to winning, but on that particular night in Chicago, Tessa Blanchard went ALL IN with the Hammerlock DDT for the pin. Watch this match and tell me the women do not deserve their own show. I double-Dave Meltzer-dare you!!

We’re then joined by “A couple of legends” Chico El Luchador and Fat Ass Masa. Go watch their documentary.

Now it’s time for the Dream vs. the Nightmare. It’s time to go ALL IN. The ever-gracious Lord Cyrus, known to the commoners as Don Callis, allows Brent Tarring to join the broadcast booth with Excalibur and Ian Riccaboni for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Brent Tarring was hand-picked to call the next match between Cody and Nick Aldis. “You called his very first match in Ohio Valley Wrestling,” said Riccaboni.

“I certainly did,” Tarring responded, “but I’d also like to set the record straight. I’ve been to both of these men’s weddings. I’ve seen them take their vows. I know both very well. This one is going to be an emotional rollercoaster for the NWA Worlds Championship.”

It sure is. This will be one’s man dream and another man’s nightmare. The rollercoaster comes to a full stop at ALL IN. Somewhere in the social media clouds, Billy Corgan is smiling and professional wrestling fans are standing in applause. Billy Corgan is given the NWA a fresh restart. What the talent does from here on in will decide the future of the company. The champion must be ALL IN for the NWA to survive this championship battle. The world is watching. This is NWA Wrestling.

Out first is Cody’s rock and true love, Brandi Rhodes. Mrs. Rhodes waits for her husband’s arrival. We are then greeted to a real American. To some he is a dream, to others he is a nightmare. Regardless, here he is, Cody. Red, white, blue, and blonde. Led to the ring by DDP, Tommy Dreamer, Glacier, Cody also sought the presence of his brother-in-law and father-in-law. Before Cody reached the stage, he kissed his dog, Pharroh, to the delight of the 10,000 fans in Chicago. The Nightmare Family makes sure there are no shenanigans before the NWA classic match. There is too much at stake here for everyone. Leave nothing to chance. Hire Earl Hebner to be your referee, and make sure Bret Hart is barred from the arena.

Nick Aldis is escorted backstage by former NWA Worlds Heaveyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett. The look on Jeff Jarrett’s face had me clutching to the nobility and prestige of the NWA championship. There was a hint of doubt, of nervousness. Nick Aldis has held the championship for so long, and defeated so many, so often, was it possible the champion was walking into a trap? Was this an elaborate scheme to remove Nick Aldis from the picture, and replace him with someone that haunts our sleep?

Former NWA champion Tim Storm and Sean Divari were all in Ric Flair-approved attire as they led the NWA prestige into the arena. NWA accepted the challenge to go ALL IN against Cody. But was the NWA truly going against Cody? Or was this all about getting the championship off of Nick Aldis?

What we know for sure is there are no smiling faces in this match. This is it. This will decide if this is all a dream or just a nightmare. Tonight, we will have our answer. To Ian Riccaboni, yes, this is the match I paid to see. Ring the bell.

“One man carrying a brand on his back,” said Brent Tarring, “the other, carrying a movement.”  Tarring was spot on with that analysis. Nick Aldis is the NWA. Cody is the Dream of what the NWA could be. In the end, there can only be one winner. Aldis may be the dealer, but that would make Cody the gambler.

Did I mention each ring apron was customized for a particular sponsor? Also there was a barrel at ringside. I loved the design of the ring.

It wouldn’t be an Earl Hebner match without a bait and switch; or in this case, an “X” to call for help from medical professionals backstage. At this point, as far as we know, Cody is unable to continue the match. Then DDP runs down to the ring. The creator of DDPY (how about DDP ME?) makes sure Cody is able to compete in the traditional championship professional wrestling match.

NWA representative Shawn Davari pushes DDP and heads to the ring. Davari then pushed the referee before falling victim to the Diamond Cutter.

Cody is bleeding as Aldis takes the action back into the ring. Cody is literally red and yellow, blood and hair. Aldis and Cody set a new standard for an NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship competition. This is an amazing fight between two professional wrestlers.

Nick Aldis was very impressive but the odds were just too much to accomplish. After accidentally connecting with Cody’s wife, the champion began to doubt himself. Aldis lost his momentum and eventually lost the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Cody forced the pin with a reverse sunset flip. Standing ovations and claps for Cody echoed throughout the arena. We’re only halfway through the show!

Consider purchasing the replay!

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Suspicious Activity – The Gray Stage

On January 19th, 2015, a neighbor called police and reported suspicious activity at the Crowley residence. The caller refused to give a name, but claimed to live a few houses down from 1051 Ramsdell Drive. Two days earlier, the bodies of David, Komel, and Raniya Crowley were found in the living room of their home.

Fifteen minutes prior to the call to authorities, a GMC Blazer truck with “army” paint stopped in front of the Crowley residence. An unknown male got out of the truck and tried to enter the house. Unfortunately, the caller was unsure if the man was able to get inside. The caller did not provide the license plate of the vehicle.

The entire incident of “suspicious activity” lasted sixteen minutes and thirty-eight seconds. The call was placed at 12:51 p.m. At 12:52, Apple Valley Police units 4949 and 4918 were assigned to the incident. Unit 4943 was also assigned to the incident at 12:53.

Unit 4918 was the first officer to arrive at 1051 Ramsdell Drive, Apple Valley, Minnesota, at 12:56. Unit 4918 noticed flowers on the front step. Unit 4949 arrived two minutes later at 12:59. Unit 4943 arrived at 13:00.

According to the Incident Detail Report, it was “unknown who was at the residence or why…it is not known if the person who tried to enter the house left [the flowers].”

The incident was closed at 13:08. If the caller’s timeline is correct, this gave the unknown male about twenty minutes to enter and exit the home before police arrived. It’s also not clear from this incident report whether or not the unknown male in the camouflage truck was the driver or passenger.

When Detective Brian Bone finally spoke with “friend of the family” Chris Klien on February 17th, 2015, at 17:00, the detective learned two very important pieces of information. First, Klien claimed he was in the house with David’s brother and father. Second, Klien told them about a bullet-hole in the living room ceiling.

“I had been trying to locate Klien,” Bone wrote in his supplemental report, “to learn why he had been at the Crowley residence on 1-19-15, as a neighbor had called in about a suspicious person at the house.”

In the beginning of their call, Klien asked about the status of the investigation and speculated “about how many rounds had been discharged at the house.”

Klien claimed he was in the house with David’s brother and father. “He indicated to me,” Bone stated in his report, “that he had been in the house since the discovery of the Crowley family at the residence. He said he had been there with David’s father and brother and had seen there were two shot rounds in the “floor” and “roof.” Prior to this conversation I was not aware of a round being shot into the ceiling/roof.”

Detective Bone relayed the new information to Detective Sean McKnight, who then asked David’s father, Dan Crowley Sr. for permission “to enter the home to look for the damage to the ceiling.” The following day, on February 19th, 2015, at 15:00, Detective Bone and Detective McKnight returned to the Crowley home.

“We immediately found what appeared to be a bullet hole in the ceiling,” wrote Bone, “near the front door and adjacent to the living room.” Bone also wrote about the possible trajectory of the bullet, speculating the shot must have come from the living room area.

When the detectives looked for access to the attic, they discovered the attic access from the master bedroom closet was open.

“This had not been open at the time of our initial search of the house on 1-17-15.” Bone reported. “I contacted the BCA crime scene team and advised them of our findings. I requested they assist us in documenting the damage and assist in looking for the bullet in the ceiling and attic area.”

With the house secured, Detective Sean McKnight remained in the driveway while Detective Bone obtained the search warrant. The search warrant was signed by Judge S. Moynihan at 16:25, on February 18th, 2015.

“Detective McKnight and Tietz assisted me in executing the warrant,” Bone continued, “with the assistance of the BCA crime scene team and Special Agent Olson with the BCA. During the warrant they found what is believed to be a bullet in the attic area of the house.”1

In the end, Detective Sean McKnight reported, “The information given to Detective Bone could not be verified since we could not establish a definite connection between the reporter and the family.”2

McKnight also wrote about the several bullets unaccounted for when authorities left the house on January 17th, 2015, “During the initial processing of the crime scene we knew that we could not account for several bullets that may have been fired from the gun used.”

McKnight stated the bullet-hole was “near the entry way in close proximity to where the Christmas tree had been.”

McKnight and Detective Michael Tietz assisted the BCA crime scene team in “locating and documenting the location of the bullet.” The crime scene team took measurements of the bullet-hole and collected the bullet for further examination.3

Chris Klien is the only reason authorities know about the bullet-hole in the living room ceiling and the bullet found in the attic. This bullet, Item 57, does not have blood on it, only David’s nuclear DNA. Authorities seem unable to tie Item 57 to David’s gun. More so, they cannot put the gun in David’s hand.

In and Out

Who was in the Crowley residence on January 19th, 2015? Why are there so many different stories being told by those who believe David Crowley is guilty? For instance, Chris Klien claimed he was in the house with David’s dad and brother. David’s dad told Detective McKnight that was not true. Authorities respond by never following up on the differing stories.

Mason Hendricks stated he was in the house with Klien. Of course, this was the same guy who claimed the reason why the public got so little information a year after the deaths was because of the Department of Homeland Security. Detective Gummert stated the DHS was not involved. Hendricks also tried to tell me the FBI was involved. Again, Detective Gummert stated that was not true.

Regardless, Mason Hendricks claims to have seen the bullet-hole in the house, and claims to have been in the attic on January 19th, 2015. Hendricks claimed he walked in the house with at least two other people on that day. Hendricks looked up at the ceiling and immediately saw the bullet-hole.

“I looked over to another friend of ours,” Hendricks told me, “and I was like, they couldn’t fuckin’ see that hole right there?”

How did Hendricks know police missed the bullet-hole? More so, why didn’t Hendricks, or anyone else in the house with him, inform authorities about the bullet-hole? Especially since they knew police didn’t know about it?

Hendricks was wrong when he claimed David’s blood was on the bullet. He was wrong when he said it was proven Item 57 came from David’s gun. He was wrong when he said David’s fingerprints were on the gun. He was wrong when he stated the bullet hole was blocking the Christmas tree on January 17th, 2015. He was wrong when he stated DHS and FBI had to “sign-off” before the public could get information from authorities.

Was Mason Hendricks also wrong when he stated the pact theory came from one of David’s parents? There’s no evidence of a pact between David and Komel to commit suicide and murder their five-year-old daughter. That hasn’t stopped some from trying to connect those dots.

David Crowley’s neighbor, Judy Prochnow, still believes there was a pact between David and Komel to ascend out of this world by committing a double-suicide murder. Still, Judy told me, “I don’t think Dan or Kate Crowley, I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think they, they didn’t want to believe that David even did it. So I don’t think they even thought of a pact theory.”

Mrs. Prochnow also tells a different story about January 19th, 2015. “No one was in the house before the cleaners,” Prochnow explained to me. “Chris Klien and them were in the house the day after the cleaners called about finding the bullet.”

To be clear, Chris Klien and others were in the house on January 19th, 2015. The cleaners didn’t find the bullet that rolled out of the carpet until January 20th, 2015.

When I reminded Judy that Klien was in the house on January 19th, she responded with, “Well, the cops might say that, but they weren’t.” Judy believes Chris Klien was wrong about the date he was at the Crowley home, “He just got the dates mixed up.”

The date in Detective Bone’s report, and in the Incident Detail Report are clear. I think it’s Judy who got the dates mixed up, not anyone else.

“The neighbor, whoever called,” Judy continued, “took down the license plates of the cars that were there and called in to police. One of them was Chris Klien’s and I know one of them was Mason’s.”

These are just a few examples of the many conflicting stories related to the events of January 19th, 2015. Based on a call about suspicious activity, Detective Bone went looking for a “suspicious person,” not persons. The suspicious activity tells the story of Item 57, the bullet found in the attic one month after the deceased were removed from the house. Item 57 is one of many reasons why this case should be reopened and re-examined.

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The Presence – The Gray Stage

Whatever it was that Raniya Crowley saw in the apartment that night, Komel’s sister, Sidrah, saw it too. Sidrah told me there was something standing by the door.

“So, I figured it was David,” said Sidrah, “and I called his name. But it didn’t move. It just stood there.”

In 2011, Sidrah experienced some scary stuff, “But I was told by David to not take it with me because these things follow.” While sleeping over at David and Komel’s apartment, Sidrah was awoken by the screams and cries of Raniya, who was sleeping beside her. Sidrah went to console her niece and saw something, or someone by the bedroom door.

“I freaked out,” Sidrah explained, “and ran out the door and went to their room and I saw David on the ground praying. He said he felt the energy was off that night. He told us to go in the room and he chanted some stuff from the Bible and some of Raniya’s toys went flying and hit the walls.”

The Crowley family then moved across the hall to see if the presence would follow them there. Sidrah wasn’t sure if “it” followed David and Komel, but she did recall what her sister told her the last time they saw each other in Texas. Komel was hearing whispers while she slept.

“She would be sleeping,” Sidrah told me, “some things would whisper in her ear and tell her stuff like leave David, or random things, and she would wake up angry at him.”

I also asked about the “Redman” mentioned in a review of A Gray State by Erik Nelson. According to Sidrah, Erik Nelson’s portrayal of the Redman in A Gray State was inaccurate.

“Red man was just something they would scare her with when she wouldn’t listen,” Sidrah stated. “It’s just a little red man that comes up when a movie starts.”

One might argue it was the number of inaccuracies in Erik Nelson’s documentary that prompted the Alam family to remove themselves from the production of A Gray State. If Nelson’s team would have sent me an advanced copy of the slopumentary, I may have demanded they remove my footage as well.

After the deaths of David, Komel, and Raniya Crowley, Sidrah was inside the house where the killings happened. “When we visited the house,” said Sidrah, “we heard Rani’s laughs in there.”

A Message from Sidrah

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May 21st 2011 – The Day The World Did Not End

The Bible is the Living Word of God. Read the scriptures. You will have questions. God will show you the answers. What does Jesus Christ tell you when you read John 3:16? What does Jesus Christ mean when He explains how to get to Heaven in Matthew 18:2-6? Reading the Word, our Father is speaking directly to you. Never forget that. To God Be The Glory.

On Friday, August 3rd, 2018, Walter Bradley are going to talk about working at Family Radio. The good, the bad, and the ugly.


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Bohemian Grove 2018

Every year the Bohemian Club hosts a private two-week gathering in Monte Rio, California. We often hear about who has attended Bohemian Grove in the past, including Walt Disney, but who attends today? Bohemian Club members and guests may see two or three people at the gates of Bohemian Grove in mid-summer every year. Please do not assume these people are merely protesters.

I am not a protester. I am not protesting the Bohemian Club or the existence of Bohemian Grove. I don’t characterize myself as a demonstrator because I would only be demonstrating that I have some questions about the Bohemian Club and the existence of the Bohemian Grove. These questions relate specifically to the annual lake-side chats, the Cremation of Care opening ceremony, and the presence of a 40-foot wooden owl.

Bohemian Grove 2018

What we’ve learned today is it doesn’t take the real Donald Trump to ruin the Bohemian Grove party. You can have just a cardboard cut-out and they’ll be just as triggered. One kid who worked in Bohemian Grove just happened to get a flat tire next to us. As the young chap waited for assistance from co-workers, he decided to open the back of his truck and read a book. So I didn’t engage him. He seemed like a nice kid. He started asking about Bohemian Grove, specifically, why we were there. He tried to downplay the whole event as if nothing was going on.

One only needs to stand outside Bohemian Grove for a few hours on opening day to understand  there is something going on inside the 2,400 acres. The kid was nice until he stared at the cardboard version of Donald Trump outside the grove. He couldn’t have looked more disgusted. So much so, after his tire was fixed, and he was driving away,  the young man made it a point to scream out F Trump! as he left Bohemian Grove.

Bohemian Grove 2018 (MendoBrendo)

There were some middle-finger wavers, but mostly we saw laughs and giggles. Believe it or not, there were some Trump supporters on-site. No one wanted to express that view too loudly though. There was concern about a backlash if they decided to accept my invitation to take a photograph with the cut-out of our President. That’s a shame. I think I was the only one who took a picture with Trump that day, July 14th, 2018.

The evening of July 14th was most-likely when the members and guests attended the annual Cremation of Care. The play revolves around sacrificing dull care on an alter, before a giant owl. Nothing to see here, I suppose.

If nothing else, cardboard Trump provided some laughter to those entering and exiting Bohemian Grove. The world needs love and the world needs laughter. More so, the world needs Truth. The world needs Jesus Christ. I’m not sure why the world needs Bohemian Grove, but there it is. Here we are, shining a light in the darkness.

Greg Fernandez Jr. | 7/22/18

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Nine-Eleven: What is Truth?

NINE-ELEVEN by Greg Fernandez Jr.

I wrote a book about Nine-Eleven, but it’s just a little book. If I could tell you anything about the events of September 11th, 2001, it would be in this book. The basic information inside of this book is enough to warrant a new investigation, in my opinion.

Think about the Firefighters, Police, EMTS, and all the eyewitnesses who heard, felt, and saw explosions at the World Trade Center.

We will never forget about the Five Israelis who were arrested on Nine-Eleven, and the fact that they were celebrating as the Twin Towers burned.

Barry Jennings worked for the City Housing Authority when he and corporate counsel Michael Hess found themselves trapped inside World Trade Center 7. Barry Jennings heard and felt explosions going off in WTC 7. Jennings also claimed he walked over “what felt like” dead bodies as he was rescued from the 47 story building by Firefighters. If Building 7 is the smoking gun of Nine-Eleven, then Barry Jennings is the smoking bullet. Jennings reported passed away in 2008, just before the release of NIST’s final report on World Trade Center 7.

Twenty-eight pages of the “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001” were finally declassified and released to the public on July 15th, 2016.

Still, this is only a small part of the real battle we face each and every day. What is Truth? Jesus Christ is Truth. Nine-Eleven is just another attack by evil forces who seek to rule this world. For a short time evil will reign, but only until Christ returns. God Bless you all.

Nine-Eleven by Greg Fernandez Jr. (free download)

I also wrote a song about writing a book about Nine-Eleven.

You can also watch & listen on YouTube.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Free Download!

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Walt Disney at Bohemian Grove 1936

Walt Disney attended Bohemian Grove in 1936. On page 136 of his book, Walt Disney: An American OriginalBob Thomas mentioned what happened during Disney’s visit.

“In 1936 he was invited to the annual encampment of the Bohemian Club,” wrote Bob Thomas, “a San Francisco organization of artists and civic figures. The ritual consisted of wining, feasting and camping out in a redwood grove north of San Francisco Bay. When Walt returned to the studio, he complained of being unable to sleep because of the symphony of snores in nearby tents. He described and reproduced each of the snores to the hilarity of his story men. The result was the snoring sequence in the Dwarfs’ cottage.”

Walt Disney was 65 years old when he died. His health had been deteriorating for years. On page 353 of his book, Walt Disney: An American Original, Bob Thomas recounted a conversation between Walt’s wife and daughter. The day before Walt’s death, his wife Lilly phoned their daughter Diane, “He’s so much better. He got out of bed. He kept putting his arms around me, and his grip was so strong. I know he’s going to get well. I know he’s going to be alright.”

Mr. Disney’s wife wasn’t the only one who was trying to remain positive about his health. Walt’s brother Roy also visited his brother that night, “Walt seemed weak but lucid. The two brothers talked quietly about company matters, and Walt was intent on discussing Disney World and EPCOT. He stared at the ceiling, which was covered with foot-square acoustical tiles, and he raised a faltering hand to point out the design of the Florida property. Roy, too, was encouraged by Walt’s appearance, and he remarked to Edna (Roy’s wife) that night that he thought Walt had a good chance to recover.”

Walt Disney died at 9:30 am, December 15th, 1966, of an acute circulatory collapse. Walt Disney was also friends with another Bohemian Grove attendee, former president Dwight Eisenhower spoke about Mr. Disney after he passed away, “His appeal and influence were universal. Not restricted to this land alone – for he touched a common chord in all humanity. We shall not soon see his like again.”

President Ronald Reagan, another Bohemian Grove attendee, was there when Disneyland first opened its gates to the public at 2:30 p.m. on July 17th, 1955, in Anaheim, California. An actor at the time, Reagan introduced Walt Disney to the crowd of people inside the new theme park, and to the people watching at home, “And now, Walt Disney will step forward to read the dedication of Disneyland.”

At age 53, Walt Disney welcomed the world to his greatest creation, Disneyland, “To all who come to this happy place, welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America with the hope that it will be the source of joy and inspiration to all the world. Thank you.”

When Walt Disney went to Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove 2018

Bohemian Grove Photogrpahs

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Inspector General Testifies Before Congress

On June 18th, 2018, Inspector General Michael Horowitz appeared before the House Judiciary Committee & the House Oversight Committee, four days after the release of the report on Clinton Emails and Questionable Decisions made by FBI and DOJ officials. You can watch the full video here.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s opening statement focused on certain decisions made by the Department of Justice and the FBI in 2016.

“Here’s what has been observed by these committees,” Congressman Goodlatte told the Inspector General. “Questionable interpretation by DOJ and FBI of the law surrounding mishandling of classified information. Foreign actors obtained access to some of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, including at least one email classified secret. Director Comey appeared to have pre-determined the exoneration of Mrs. Clinton at least two months before the investigation concluded. The Department of Justice determined any charge of gross negligence was off the table, reading an intent standard into the law that does not exist. Grotesque statements against then-candidate Donald Trump were made by top FBI officials and they went so far as to say, ‘We’ll stop Trump from becoming President.’ Indiscretions involving Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page were not handled appropriately at the time the FBI management learned of them, resulting in their continued assignment as key players on the Clinton investigation and the Mueller-Russia investigation. Mr. McCabe appears to have not been forthright with congress during an interview conducted by the committees concerning his knowledge of meetings and actions taken by Mr. McCabe and his team.”

“The FBI’s top counter-intelligence official,” Goodlatte continued, “was unaware of possible evidence indicating Mrs. Clinton’s private email server had been penetrated by a foreign adversary and unaware of relevant legal process obtained during the investigation. Documents show significant criticism of Mr. Comey expressed by multiple current and former FBI agents. The FBI intentionally obscured the fact President Obama had communicated with Mrs. Clinton’s private email address by editing Mr. Comey’s final press statement; replacing the President with the euphemism Senior Government Official. Finally, top FBI officials, including Mr. McCabe and Mr. Priestap, through their wives, had close ties to democrat and Clinton-affiliated entities, and should have seemingly been recused from the Clinton investigation. Public confidence in the impartiality of our law enforcement system is critical to ensure all are treated equally under the law. Fallout from the Clinton investigation however, gives the impression those with money and influence are given lighter treatment than the so-called common person.”

Three for Three

Congressman Trey Gowdy questioned the inspector general about the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, which specifically mentioned stopping Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States.

Lisa Page was an FBI lawyer who worked on the Clinton Email investigation, the Russia Collusion investigation, and she was part of the Mueller Special Council team.

“So we’re three for three,” Gowdy explained, “on her working on the two most important bureau investigations in 2016 and beyond.”

It’s believed Andy McCabe used Lisa Page to leak information to a news outlet. Page was considered the “special council,” according to Inspector General Horowitz.

Gowdy then asked Horowitz, “Wasn’t there also a text about an insurance policy in case Trump won, in a meeting in Andy’s office. She was part of that text string too, wasn’t she?”

“Correct,” Horowitz responded. “That was on August 15th.”

Gowdy reminds us of Page’s clear bias found in the Inspector General’s Report. “Most of those comments were before the Clinton investigation was over,” Gowdy continued, “and we are somehow supposed to believe that she did not prejudge the outcome of that investigation before it was over. She already had Hillary Clinton winning. I don’t know how you can win if you’re gonna wind up getting indicted, and or plead guilty, or be convinced of a felony.”

There is no doubt Lisa Page wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 Presidential Election. Page was placed in a key position within the FBI. So was Peter Strzok. Both were working on two very important investigations of our time. Yet we are supposed to believe there is no bias against Donald Trump?

How is there no bias? Strzok is praising Clinton while investigating her being in violation of the Espionage Act.

“He’s supposed to be investigating her for violations of the Espionage Act,” Gowdy said of Peter Strzok, “and he can’t think of a single solitary American that wouldn’t vote for her for President.”

The Clear Bias Against Trump continues…

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