Gray Stage – 711 BCA Crime Scene Images and Documents

A data request was fulfilled and mailed out by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension on September 20th, 2018. We received close to 500 pages of BCA documents and reports, along with 711 Crime Scene Images. Please help us sort through these documents and examine the images. There are some useful dates and times, specifically related to the time of deaths and Item 57. You can download the images here. You can download the 488 pages of BCA data here.

711 BCA Crime Scene Images

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The documents…

BCA 4464

BCA 4777

BCA 5052

BCA 4760

You can find more documents here.

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4 thoughts on “Gray Stage – 711 BCA Crime Scene Images and Documents”

  1. Scott says:

    What you are doing to try and find the truth in David and his family’s deaths is nothing short of awesome! A huge THX!
    With that said, i would like to know if you have ever investigated the murder of Wisconsin photographer Teresa Halbach? (accused and sentenced Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey) I watched the Netflix doc series on this murder they DIDN’T commit, and done a lot investigation into the crime scene photos and think I have found something that would be greatly beneficial to his appeal lawyers, but can not get a response from anyone on his side. If you are interested in this case and would like to know what i found and/or may be able to help me get it to the right person that could help Steven, please let me know.
    I feel as strongly about Steven’s innocence as I do David Crowley’s.
    Here is what Wiki has on the case in case you’re not familiar with it:
    Steven Allan Avery (born July 9, 1962) is an American convicted murderer from Two Rivers, Wisconsin,[2] who had previously been wrongly convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder in 1985. After serving 18 years of a 32-year sentence, he was exonerated by DNA testing and released, only to be convicted in another case with murder two years later.[3][4]

    In 2003, Avery filed a $36-million civil lawsuit against Manitowoc County, its former sheriff, and its former district attorney for wrongful conviction and imprisonment. In November 2005, with his civil suit still pending, he was arrested for the murder of Wisconsin photographer Teresa Halbach, and in 2007 was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole. The conviction was upheld by higher courts.[5][5]

    Avery’s 2003 exoneration prompted widespread discussion of Wisconsin’s criminal justice system. The Criminal Justice Reform Bill, enacted into law in 2005, implemented reforms aimed at preventing future wrongful convictions.

    Avery’s 2007 murder trial and its associated issues are the focus of the 2015 Netflix original documentary series Making a Murderer, which also covered the arrest and 2007 conviction of Avery’s teenage nephew, Brendan Dassey.[6] In August 2016, a federal judge overturned Dassey’s conviction on the grounds that his confession had been coerced.[7][8] In June 2017 Wisconsin prosecutors appealed this decision. In December 2017, a panel of seven judges of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled in favor of upholding the original conviction in a split vote of 4 to 3, ruling that police had properly obtained Dassey’s confession.[9] On February 20, 2018, Dassey’s legal team, including former US Solicitor General Seth P. Waxman, filed a petition for a writ of certiorari to the United States Supreme Court. On June 25th 2018, certiorari was denied.[

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi Greg!
    I’ve been following you and Catherine Michele on this case. What a sweetheart (Catherine:)

    After watching “A Gray State”, I couldn’t sleep for a week. I have absorbed everything you guys have shared. I agree with most of the analysis Catherine has shared and commend you for doing the leg work to obtain FOIA releases. You could call me sort of a true crime buff.

    I do believe this case needs re-opened. And I also believe time is of the essence. I wanted to know if you, Catherine, and Dan Hennen have reached any experts who participate in cold case analysis and may have the backing to do an accurate true crime documentary about this case?

    I have noticed in my true crime following – there is a panel of experts who keep showing up. The doctors, scientists, and investigators have been featured in the Netflix series “The Staircase” and “The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey” which may have aired originally on the ID channel. I obtained a copy through Amazon Prime. It was a 20 year anniversary review. Fairly recent.

    Here are the experts I see working these hard cases:
    Laura Richards – Behavioral Analyst (Former Scotland Yard)
    Dr. Werner Spitz – Forensic Pathologist
    Dr. Henry Lee – Forensic Scientist (OJ Simpson Case)

    These are the top experts I see popping up and taking a fresh look at hard cold cases. They not only have more experience than those in MN but they also have access to state of the art labs to truly analyze the evidence. Even evidence for touch DNA and DNA that may have been “cleaned”.

    I realize these cases were high profile. I’m still shocked the Crowley case has not made national news. I’m also convinced until the Crowley case does make headlines – no one worth their salt will solve the case. Until all eyes are watching – none of the original investigators will look twice – and the nasty trolls who threaten or divert focus will continue to obstruct justice. I don’t know where to begin – but I believe a good strategy would be to get maximum exposure for the case and pull in as many experts as we can. That may be counter intuitive to David’s avoidance of mainstream media – but wouldn’t that be irony if mainstream media solves the Crowley atrocity?

    FYI – I’m just a married working mother in middle America. I have no personal ties to anyone in the case. Although I had knowledge of David’s “Gray State” project – I was not personally involved in the movement. I use my womanly intuition in life and this case has my stomach in knots. The truth has not been told and I cannot rest until justice is served for this beautiful family. I believe a fair and honest investigation will show David’s innocence and free his family’s souls.

    In peace,
    Debbie Depeape

  3. Thank you. I haven’t heard about that.

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