David Crowley – All Crime Scene Photos

The following video is a combination of the AVPD & BCA crime scene images received thus far. I have added my commentary to this version. What really happened here? The official conclusion shows the lack of evidence of prove David guilty. David is accused guilty by circumstance, not by facts. The accusation has never been proven, and it never will be. Therefore, this case needs to be reopened, the evidence needs to be re-examined, and the official conclusion needs to be changed from exceptionally cleared to unsolved.

There is also a version without audio you can watch here.

Then we have the two missing bullets. Item 53 is the bullet tied to Raniya, found on January 20th, 2015. A month later, on February 18th, 2015, a bullet hole is discovered in the living room ceiling. Here we have two more reasons to reopen this case. We could go on and on. Until we get to the truth, perhaps we will.

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