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David Crowley Questions – Dan Hennen

On this episode of Heart Talk with Walter Bradley, Dan Hennen joins us to share his thoughts on the David Crowley case. Dan has been researching the various questions about the allegations against David Crowley since the beginning.

Here is Dan Hennen’s playlist on David Crowley

View David Crowley Research Files here.

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David Crowley Questions – Catherine Michele

On this episode of Heart Talk with Walter Bradley, Catherine Michele shares her views on the allegations against David Crowley. Visit Catherine Michele’s YouTube Channel. The Gray Stage continues as authorities refuse to reopen this case, under any circumstances. Please consider reviewing the David Crowley Research Files.

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Waco Discussion – Heart Talk #18

Catherine Michele returns to discuss the tragedy at Waco and why every Christian should read the Bible on their own, and not follow deceivers like David Koresh.

Visit Catherine Michele’s YouTube Channel.

Heart Talk Video Playlist.

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David Crowley – All Crime Scene Photos

The following video is a combination of the AVPD & BCA crime scene images received thus far. I have added my commentary to this version. What really happened here? The official conclusion shows the lack of evidence of prove David guilty. David is accused guilty by circumstance, not by facts. The accusation has never been proven, and it never will be. Therefore, this case needs to be reopened, the evidence needs to be re-examined, and the official conclusion needs to be changed from exceptionally cleared to unsolved.

There is also a version without audio you can watch here.

Then we have the two missing bullets. Item 53 is the bullet tied to Raniya, found on January 20th, 2015. A month later, on February 18th, 2015, a bullet hole is discovered in the living room ceiling. Here we have two more reasons to reopen this case. We could go on and on. Until we get to the truth, perhaps we will.

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Attorney General Matt Whitaker Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

On February 8th, 2019, Acting-Attorney General Matt Whitaker voluntarily testified before the House Judiciary Committee. “I see that your five minutes is up,” Whitaker told Congressman Jerry Nadler. The exchange is just one more example of the clear bias against Donald Trump.

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren’s first question is about what Whitaker stated on January 28th, 2019. Referencing the Muller investigation, Whitaker stated in a press conference, “Right now, the investigation is close to being completed.” Lofgren wanted to know the basis for that statement.

Lofgren then asks if Whitaker discussed Muller’s investigation with Trump before he was hired as Chief of Staff to then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “I’d like to know,” Lofgren asked Whitaker, “did you discuss or share your private opinions of the Special Council Investigation with President Trump or other White House officials; such as Mr. Kelly, or Trump family members, or public surrogates like Mr. Giuliani?”

Congressman Steven Chabot’s focus is on the opioid crisis in America and its connection to the southern border security issue. Is there a connection?

“Absolutely,” Whitaker responds, “there is a connection between the drugs that are being imported through our southern border, which is a large majority of those drugs, and the opioid crisis we now face.”

Oh Sheila. What else needs to be said about this exchange? We are about the see a career-politician in action. Sheila Jackson Lee believes we are living in extraordinary times, “We know that the former Director of the FBI testified to the House Intelligence Committee in open hearing that there was an active investigation into the associates of the Trump campaign, and that he was fired subsequently. Mr. Mueller was then hired. Investigations that secured numerous indictments, convictions, or  guilty pleas, and of course, a deal with perjury charges like obstruction of justice, perjury, false statements. So at the current rate, we are seeing so many of the Trump organizations being indicted. And with the short time that I have, I want to make sure that your questions are answered in a yes or now matter.”

The trap is set. It’s clear to me some in congress are looking for a reason to subpoena Matt Whitaker in the near future. Jackson Lee does not seem sincere to me.  Lee demands answers in the Yes or No format, and will not tolerate anything else. At least not until she is corrected by Congressman Doug Collins.

Lee finally got to the question, “You did not have a confirmation hearing and you have not yet appeared before an oversight hearing. Yes or no.”

“Congresswoman,” Whitaker began to answer, “I am the acting-“

“Yes or no,” Lee interrupted. “Have you appeared before an oversight hearing in the congress?”

“Congresswoman,” Whitaker responded, “I have not-“

“It has been been ten years,” Lee began to say before Chairman Nadler banged the gavel to address Whitaker’s inability to answer in a yes or no matter.

Chairman Nadler is clear about what he expects from Whitaker, “The witness will answer the question as asked please.”

Congressman Doug Collins then calls for a parliamentary inquiry. “If [Whitaker] feels that a yes or no is appropriate,” Collins explains, “he’ll answer in a yes or no. If he does not feel it’s appropriate, he should be able to answer in the appropriate way, as many democrat administration officials have done before this committee before. This is unreal.” Collins recognizes a clear bias here.

“The member has only five minutes,” Nadler explains to Collins, “and if she wants a yes or no answer, she’s entitled to it. I will not allow the witness to stonewall and waste member’s time.”

Collins then asked Nadler, “Where were you when Ms. Lynch and Mr. Holder were here?”

“Again, Mr. Attorney General,” Jackson continues, “the question is, did you have a confirmation hearing and has it been more than ten years since you’ve testified before congress?”

“Congresswoman,” Whitaker begins to answer, “It is-”

Jackson then turns to Nadler and asks, “Can the clock be restored?”

Whitaker responds with, “I’m sorry, what was your, I don’t know if your time’s been restored or not.”

You can hear laughter in the background as Jackson Lee continues, “Mr. Attorney General, we’re not joking here.”

Anyone who has read The Russian Hoax by Gregg Jarrett might disagree. Based on the information The Russian Hoax, I could only conclude the special council investigation is a joke. The clear bias against Donald Trump continues. Maybe I should send Sheila Jackson Lee a copy of the book.

After  a brief lecture, Jackson asks the question again, “Did you have a confirmation hearing and have you not yet appeared for an oversight hearing?”

“Congresswoman,” Whitaker responds, “I am an acting attorney general. I have been appointed according to the Vacancies Reform Act and I have never appeared in front of congress for any hearing, even when I was United States Attorney.”

Reading off of her script, Jackson then asks the same question Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren asked. Jackson wanted to know if Whitaker shared his private opinions with the Chief of Staff, Trump family members, and others.

Whitaker attempted to respond before being interrupted again, “As I’ve previously answered Congresswoman, I have not discussed-”

“Yes or no,” says Jackson.

“As I have previously answered Congresswoman, I have not discussed-”

Jackson then asks a similar question, “Since you’re appointed acting-Attorney General, did you discuss or share your private opinions with the special council?”

“Again,” Whitaker reminds Jackson, “the special council’s investigation is an on-going investigation and I have nothing more to say than what I’ve already-”

“So you are denying reports that you shared many one-on-one calls with President Trump and his then-Chief of Staff John Kelly, when Jeff Sessions was still attorney general?”

“Again Congresswoman,” Whitaker responds, “is there someone that provides you basis for that question or is that an anonymous sourced article?”

“I am asking the question sir,” Jackson reminds Whitaker, “Answer the question, yes or no.”

Whitaker asks Jackson to repeat the question.

“So you are denying the reports that you shared many one-on-one calls with President Trump and then his chief of staff, John Kelly?”

“Congresswoman, as I’ve mentioned several times today in my opening statement and otherwise-”

“Yes or no.”

Whitaker then responds, “I am not talking about the conversations that I’ve had with the President of the United States or his senior staff.”

“So that is a no?” Jackson asks.

“I don’t think you can assume anything from that,” Whitaker responds.

Then we have Congressman Jim Jordan, who doesn’t need to read from a script.



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