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Minnesota BCA Documents and Reports: The Gray Stage

Dan Hennen was able to request and receive 485 pages of documents from the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. This is a redacted version. I have removed phone numbers and addresses. I am currently going through the documents and will update this article with notes and screenshots of any valuable information. Along with the documents, Dan also received many new photographs not included in the original 464 images.

2015-28 Apple Valley Murder-Suicide (Redacted) 2.compressed

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A Quick Trip To Hollywood: The Gray Stage

On October 26th, 2017, Dan Hennen interviewed Mike Boggio III, President of Michael Entertainment Group (MEG). During the interview, Mr. Boggio discussed how he met David Crowley, the alleged “thirty-million-dollar-deal,” and when negotiations with the Gray State project ended.

Here is the full interview conducted by Dan Hennen

Hello Hollywood

Mike Boggio III met David Crowley through a mutual friend, “The mutual friend connected us together. So we set up a meeting with David in California. I talked to David numerous times on the telephone prior to our first meeting. So that’s how we got together.”

In May of 2014, David Crowley met with the Michael Entertainment Group in Los Angeles, California.

“It was a very promising project,” Boggio told Hennen. “David wrote the first go-around of the screenplay. We went through it thoroughly, made numerous changes, advised David to make numerous changes.”

“At first we were taking it to the big screen,” Boggio continued, “and then, as we thought about it, we figured, How can we pack in all of this information in a two-hour or two-and-a-half-hour film? Let’s take it to television…and have a series made out of it, which would have been a lot better for the concept…of David’s idea.”

Without specifically naming names, Mr. Boggio commented on the actors considered for the Gray State project, “We were talking about hiring some pretty substantial A-list actors to fulfill some of the roles in the project.”

Two months earlier, David stated that Sean Stone wanted a role in the future project.

Mike Boggio thought David’s version of Gray State “would be a great, great, great A&E show, it’d be a great cable network television show that could spin off into a film.”

“David was always very mature,” Boggio told Hennen, “very professional, very kind and courteous and outgoing and excited. That’s the keyword.” Mike called David’s excitement about the project “phenomenal.”

The original setting for the Gray State movie was in the mid-west, Minnesota area, but MEG felt the movie setting needed to be “nationwide…coast to coast. North to South.”

The 30 Million Dollar Deal

“We were negotiating with David at the time,” Mike Boggio told Dan Hennen, “We were talking about budgets for the film. We were talking about getting into production. Like I said we had a list of A-list actors that I’m not gonna even mention in this interview…and we talked about a twenty-five to thirty-million-dollar budget. We could easily see the budget in this film being a twenty-five to thirty-million-dollar budget.”

On May 23rd, 2014, David Crowley posted an update about the deal with Michael Entertainment Group.

“So, there were negotiations,” Boggio explained. “We were actually trying to option a screenplay. When we option a screenplay, we option a screenplay for a certain amount of time. I think we were going for twenty-four months, if I remember right, and within that twenty-four months we had to get into production with the film. Otherwise the option goes back to David. So, that’s what our negotiations were with David at the time.”

Mr. Boggio then clarified, “When we talk about twenty-five to thirty-million dollars, that’s what we budgeted for the film project. That’s what we budgeted for everything to do from start to finish.”

As far as MEG’s last conversation with David went, according to Mike Boggio, it was some time in September of 2014, and negotiations continued until David died.

“We actually met face-to-face in Hollywood,” Boggio relayed to Hennen, “sat down…right on Sunset Boulevard. Sometime in that time-frame with David, David was out in California, flew out for the night just to come sit down with us to discuss the updates on the screenplay and discuss the concept and everything else. So, that’s when we sat down, and he actually made a new trailer. We’re sitting in there watching the trailer, and then we discussed, ‘Hey let’s think about taking this to television.’ And we gave him the reason why. You get picked up by a network and it was just off the heels of Sons of Anarchy leaving the network. So, we figured this could be a good spin-off for the network that sons of anarchy was on, and it would pick up the demographic of Sons of Anarchy. So, we talked to him about numbers and statistics and discussed, if we take this to series, then not only do you have a series, it can play out longer, then at the end of the series it can go to big screen. And he was excited about it. He was open-minded about it and thought it was a great idea…so I don’t know where the whole depression comes into play when it comes to regards to making Gray State network.”

In the beginning of David Crowley’s connection to MEG, “We put out an offer to David to option the contract,” said Boggio, “which would of gave him some money upfront, and then we would of went and ran with the film project or the television project. David would have been a producer on the film, so he would have been paid to be a producer on the film. And then he would have reaped some of the benefits of whatever the film grossed. We all would of…David had an idea and it was a very, very, very strong idea. So that’s why we all got together.”

Asked about the allegations that David walked away from the project or if MEG decided not to go forward with the project, Mike Boggio seemed to deny both allegations, “We didn’t fire David, or we didn’t get rid of David, however that went, and he didn’t walk away from us. I mean there was never any of that and I don’t even know where those two ideas came from. Nothing to my knowledge…Again, we never told David to get lost. I tried contacting David after our September meeting or discussion, I tried contacting David for months to discuss things…I didn’t hear from him or anything. So, I was getting a little nervous myself. Not nervous for our business transactions…David and I became friends. Not only were we business acquaintances but we became friends…I called him on the holidays and wished him a Happy Thanksgiving to him and his family…I did that numerous times until I heard the very, very disturbing news.”

When Mike received the news of David’s death he “was in total shock. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe it.”

“So Christmas comes,” Boggio continued, “December 2014 I guess it is, comes around. I call David on Christmas, around Christmas time to wish him and Komel and the baby happy holidays. I went out of town for New Year’s. When I got back I called him to wish him a Happy New Year and then I still didn’t hear anything. So I felt it was kinda weird. So, I contacted a mutual friend that David and I both had and asked this person…let me take a step backwards. Prior to that, I called this person saying, ‘Man I haven’t heard from David in at least a month. Have you heard from him?’ He’s like, ‘Na, but it’s the holidays. You guys got him in the studio writing…when he gets into that writing-mode he shuts down and he secludes himself and he just focuses on what he has to do. You know, but it’s the holidays are coming up. I’ll run by and see him, and see the family, and see how things are going.’ And I’m like, ‘Alright cool.’ So, like another month goes by and then after New Year’s, after I left David a Happy New Year message on his voicemail, I called this person and said, ‘Man I still haven’t heard from him. Did you go over there for the holidays?’”

The mutual friend had not gone to David’s house yet, “And then like the next day the guy calls me and says, ‘Did you hear?’ and when he told me I was in total shock.”

Owning the Gray State Franchise

Who owned the rights? Who owns them now? If the deal with MEG was only with David, where did Danny Mason fit it?

“I have no idea what David and Danny’s deals were. I can’t answer to that. We had nothing behind that, we didn’t have anything to do with that whatsoever. We didn’t advise David to do that. So, I don’t even know why – I know that was brought up when we were doing our interview with Erik Nelson. But other than that, I have no idea why David did that, to be honest with you.”

Dan Hennen then asked if the script still had value. “Well, when all this transpired,” Boggio answered, “we backed away. We backed away because of all the conspiracy theories and everything else. For a long time, for at least over a year, we didn’t even discuss it. We just figured it was too toxic to even be involved with.”

“Whoever got involved…I know since then they’ve made something. I know there were a couple guys out there that contacted me saying, ‘Hey man, we made this thing. We want you to see it. What’s your thoughts?’…we’ve never even got involved. Then we had a conversation at least a year, if not a little longer than a year after David’s death, with David’s dad and I think it was Danny Mason. I think it was. I can’t remember for sure, but we had a conversation with them about picking this thing back up and running with it because, as far as I remember, David’s dad got the rights to the film. So, or got the rights to David’s estate. So, he wanted to do something with it. We started talking with David’s dad and then, nothing ever transpired out of it.”

Four months after the bodies were found, Dan informed Mike Boggio III, Danny Mason was already in process of getting the Gray State name trademarked with an attorney.

At the end of the interview, Mike Boggio made his view clear, “We always had a pleasant experience with David. We never saw any downside to David whatsoever. Very, very motivated young man. It was actually a pleasure working with David. He took all of our ideas and all of our thoughts and took them to heart, and never balked about it whatsoever to us. So, if he did something on his own time or around someone else, we were never privy to it whatsoever.”

Please consider watching the full interview with Mike Boggio III posted above. Up next, hopefully, will be my interview with Danny August Mason. After Dan Hennen’s interview with MIke Boggio III was published on YouTube, Danny August Mason posted in the Justice for David Crowley & Family Facebook Group, requesting an interview.

Here is a thirty minute video in preparation of that interview.

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Mitch Heil: The Gray Stage

On September 26th, 2017, Mitch Heil returned to the Dutch and Royce show to share his thoughts on Erik Nelson’s A Gray State, a documentary film alleging David Crowley murdered his wife and child before taking his own life. Heil was seated in the front row during the film’s pre-release screening at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 21st, 2017.

“It’s really strange watching a documentary about your best friend who basically went nuts,” Mitch explained to Dutch and Royce, “and it’s like you’re watching the slow collapse of somebody, like progressing.”

Just like the Apple Valley Police Department and Erik Nelson’s movie, Mitch did not provide any evidence to prove David was guilty, but seemed to accept the official theory soon after the alleged double-murder suicide happened at 1051 Ramsdell Drive. Mitch stated that David “recorded everything,” which made me wonder how much video footage the Apple Valley Police Department went through, and why they were unable to find any evidence to prove David Crowley was guilty in all the terabytes of video found.

Of course, there have been reports that police did not access the terabytes of video, but I find that highly unlikely. Perhaps the police officers of Apple Valley did not go through the videos, but someone in an authority role should have before assuming what happened at the Crowley house sometime between December 25th, 2014 and January 17th, 2015. Without a motive, and without providing evidence to the public, the Apple Valley Police Department accused David of being guilty almost immediately, and then quietly closed the case one year after the alleged double-murder suicide.

David “meticulously kept journals of everything for the longest time,” Mitch continued. Heil also discussed the concept of Gray State, “It’s basically a jizz-fest of all conspiracy theories mixed into one.”

Joking about the murders right after they happened was just how Mitch dealt with his friend’s tragedy. It’s normal for him, “That’s just how I cope with things.”

Mitch then clarified his role in making the Gray State movie trailer, “It was just three of us. It was me and David and this other guy Danny. I did camera, I did props, I did make-up, I did lighting, I did producing things, I did set design…basically anything…other than being the director are things that I had a hand in at one point or another.”

David’s family gave Erik Nelson all of David’s private home videos because, according to Mitch, “First of all, what are they gonna do with it? And then second is, I guess, it’s kind of a way to humanize him, or just not say he was a monster.” I’m not sure why anyone would attempt to humanize someone who they believed murdered his five-year-old daughter, but maybe that’s just me.

Mitch ended his relationship with the Gray State project when ‘it was no longer financially viable to stay involved, and by that I mean I was like two months away from being homeless.”

David was focused on the Gray State franchise and there were no outside projects to bring in any revenue. Another reason Mitch left the project was because he told David “conspiracy theories are fuckin’ stupid. I don’t mesh this whole movie so I can’t do it anymore.”

Mitch also pointed out that it was normal for David to disappear while writing for weeks at a time. I think that is a very important point, regardless of where you stand on the allegations against Crowley.


Then I believe Mitch lied about Dan Hennen and me. Dan and I were both interviewed for Erik Nelson’s slopumentary on June 4th, 2016, prior to conducting one of our YouTube discussions on the allegations against David Crowley. I had high hopes for Nelson’s documentary in the beginning. I’ll reserve my final judgment until I see the documentary myself, but based on what I have heard so far, those hopes will fade in time.

Mitch stated that Erik Nelson’s film had “two hardcore conspiracy theorists who still think that [David] was killed by the government in [the documentary] and they were doing a Skype session back and forth. And all the filmmaker did was let them talk to each other over Skype and show how fuckin’ stupid they are. He didn’t even have to say anything to them. It was pretty funny.”

What I find funny is how Mitch lied about us. Calling someone a hardcore conspiracy theorist is often used to deflect from a real conversation and avoid the real issues. In my opinion, Mitch lied when he stated Dan and I think that the government killed David. We don’t have an answer as to what really happened, and I don’t see any facts that prove David was killed by the government. I see lots of speculation about that possibility, but I also see lots of speculation about David’s guilt. We should always go where the evidence leads us. One would have to be stupid not to realize that by now. Mitch, a little research goes a long way and I will debate you on this case whenever you are ready. Just make sure you bring some facts.

Spoiler alert about Erik Nelson’s film: You won’t see any facts given by police to prove David Crowley is guilty. Why? Because of the lack of evidence police found to prove their theory. It’s that simple. All you are given is more speculation to support a weak theory.

Mitch also lied when he stated that “all the filmmaker did was let them talk to each other over Skype and show how fuckin’ stupid they are.” One hour before the Google Hangouts/YouTube session (not Skype) between Dan and myself began, we were both separately interviewed by separate film crews, one of which Erik Nelson was present for.

Erik Nelson spent close to an hour asking Dan Hennen questions about the alleged double-murder suicide, and at a family location, Robert Erickson interviewed me in California. So before everyone go to see how stupid Dan and I were live on YouTube, Erik Nelson was inside Dan’s home asking him questions.

Also, if the intent was to show how stupid Dan and I were, why didn’t Erik include more of the conversation in his documentary? Perhaps Erik Nelson avoided our input because it would raise more questions about the official theory? I hope not, because that is what I thought his documentary was going to do – show the people the evidence to prove David was guilty and let the people decide.

Instead I think the movie will veer away from the real issues and focus elsewhere. Several people told us once we see the movie, we will have a different perspective of David’s final days. Perhaps we will. But if the movie cannot prove David is guilty, then the movie is a waste of time.

I wonder if Mitch Heil is avoiding the facts, or lack thereof, that supposedly prove David is guilty. What would one have to see to be convinced their best friend was guilty of a double-murder suicide?

Mitch, what convinced you David was guilty? You once stated the Gray State “killed” your best friend. Is there any chance you will be part of the Gray State team moving forward with David’s fictional movie? If making Gray State sent David to a “dark place,” as AVPD Chief Jon Rechtzigel told Tom Lyden, then perhaps no one should move forward with the project?

Mitch felt the documentary was “done as respectfully as it could be done,” adding he didn’t feel anything was taken out of context. We’ll see about that. Is it respectful to accuse David Crowley of a crime without addressing the facts, or lack thereof?

When it came to David meeting with Hollywood executives, Mitch explained that David was concerned about losing certain rights to the Gray State franchise. We know Danny August Mason was not willing to give up his rights to the project. We see that now as Danny Mason tries to move forward with the fictional Gray State film.

The only other interesting thing Heil was asked about was the alleged “pact theory,” and I felt Mitch chose his words carefully. He  was unsure of how much Komel believed the conspiracy theories David believed in. Overall, it’s an interesting thirty minutes provided by Mitch Heil that is worth listening to.

After listening to Mitch Heil’s conversation I felt that he was building a movie while David Crowley was building a franchise.

The next article will focus on Chris Peck being part of the film crew at Dan Hennen’s house and the disgusting behavior and disrespect shown that day. Someone took a shit in the upper part of Dan’s toilet.

Here is the conversation Dan and I had about Mitch Heil and Chris Peck:

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Las Vegas Shooting Discussion

Las Vegas Shooting Discussion: copy of the Live Recording with Dan Hennen Rob Ellion Ben Blest and my brother Demetrius Jackson.

Also watch this!

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David Crowley Research Documents: The Gray Stage

Start with the 94 pages of Apple Valley Police reports and the 485 pages of BCA reports and documents. Then look over the 464 crime scene photos released by the Dakota County Sheriff’s office and the BCA’s 662 photographs of the crime scene. 

Here are the autopsy reports for David, Komel, and Raniya Crowley.

You can watch a breakdown of the big 485 pages of BCA reports and documents here:

Here is a smaller breakdown of the AVPD Property and Evidence Lists:

AVPD Crime Scene Images:

BCA Crime Scene Images:

To get a better understanding of what the crime scene looked like, check out the 57 points of interest noted by authorities.

From there you may want to read the contents of the 911 calls by Collin and Judy Prochnow. Komel’s final text messages were also released to Dan Hennen and put on his website, The Ugly Truth. Hennen also pointed out a clear contradiction about Rani’s emergency contact info, “Cypress Montessori told law enforcement there were NO emergency contact phone numbers provided, but the Minnesota BCA reports show otherwise.”

After you’ve read the final email exchanges between Jason Allen and David Crowley, consider reading Dan Hennen’s informative article, and maybe even one of my Gray Stage articles. Regardless of your view on this case, please do as much research as possible.

More Documents:

Financial Documents

BCA Lab Analysis

911 Call

AVPD Data Request Form 

AVPD Property and Evidence Report

AVPD Search Warrants 

David’s Revocable Trust 

ATF Application

Contributors to Unknown Group

David’s Military Record 

Join the conversation on Facebook by visiting the Justice for David Crowley of Gray State page and the Justice for David Crowley and Family group.

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To Kneel or Not To Kneel: Donald Trump Questions

Donald Trump has successfully engaged an entire nation. His actions keep us involved in the affairs of our country and help raise voices, both for and against his Presidency.

Donald Trump is not a leader, but he is a motivator. He has managed to impact just about everyone in our nation, in one way or another. On September 22nd, 2017, Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama. In a speech that went almost ninety minutes, Donald Trump probably spent five minutes talking about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. Everybody is entitled to their own form of protest, and if they want to take a knee during the National Anthem, that is their right. It’s also Trump’s right to speak out against it. How many people agree with Trump’s opinion?

“We’re proud of our country. We respect our flag. Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired. He’s fired!’”

The crowd responded by chanting, “USA!”

The way some of these news reports were written, one might think Trump was about to sign an executive order, firing NFL players to won’t stand for the National Anthem.

“You know some owner’s gonna do that. He’s gonna say, ‘That guy that disrespects our flag, he’s fired. And the owner, they’re friends of mine, many of them…they’ll be the most popular person for a week. They’ll be the most popular person in the country cause that’s a total disrespect of our heritage. That’s a total disrespect of everything that we stand for. And I know we have freedoms and we have freedom of choice, and many, many different freedoms, but you know what, it’s still totally disrespectful.”

Trump then told the people of Huntsville, “When people like yourselves turn on television and you see those people taking the knee when they’re playing our great national anthem…the only thing you can do better is if you see, even if it’s one player, leave the stadium. I guarantee things will stop, just pick up and leave.”

Donald Trump Questions continue…

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Rotten Reviews: The Gray Stage

What a bunch of rotten tomatoes. In the following videos, Dan Hennen and I discuss the five movie reviews for Erik Nelson’s documentary, A Gray State. In my opinion, these reviews are full of lies, propaganda, and baseless allegations. To associate David Crowley with the “alt-right,” or with Alex Jones, shows the desperation of the writer’s need to create click-bait. The fear porn continues as the Gray Stage audience is treated to more nonsense by irresponsible writers. Shame on you.

Frank Sheck

In Mr. Sheck’s review, the keyword “alt-right” is mentioned three times, and Alex Jones is mentioned twice. Though Sheck admits Alex Jones “briefly” appears in the documentary, the first paragraph of the movie review focuses on Alex Jones, “Right-wing media provocateur Alex Jones recently admitted in court that he’s merely “playing a character” — thereby lending an ironic subtext to Erik Nelson’s documentary about the deaths of aspiring filmmaker David Crowley and his family.”

Sheck claims “several self-identified “citizen investigators” attempted to prove that the family was murdered — “Credibility means nothing to me,” one of them ironically comments.” If Sheck is talking about me, then he is incorrect. I am not trying to prove that the family was murdered. I’m not sure what Sheck is trying to prove with that comment, but it makes me wonder how much research he has done on this case.

I find his review insulting to those of us who have done research on this case, and are still open to many different possibilities, and have not come to a conclusion about this case. These reviews never talk about the people who are critical, but do not necessarily believe the government killed David and his family. The article leaves the casual reader with a false impression that there are only two choices; either David killed his family or the government is responsible for their deaths.

Overall, I find this review grossly irresponsible.

Nick Schager

In Mr. Schager’s review, the keyword “alt-right” is mentioned five times, Alex Jones is mentioned four times, and President Donald Trump is referenced three times. This piece of propaganda begins and ends with Alex Jones, when it should be about David Crowley and the alleged double-murder suicide. Instead of focusing on the facts, or lack thereof, about the allegations against David Crowley, Schager focuses more on Alex Jones and Donald Trump.

Most interesting about this article is when a friend of David Crowley calls the Gray State fan-base “legitimately insane.”

Here we have another film review that doesn’t mention the numerous holes in the police investigation and alleged conclusion. Forget about looking for facts backing up any of the multiple theories pointing towards David’s guilt. Instead, this review focuses on rumors and innuendo to subconsciously convince the reader that David was an “alt-right film-maker” who, along with his wife, went crazy and committed a double-murder suicide.

The article teases Komel’s complicity in the crimes and dabbles into the theory of a supernatural presence that had been following the Crowleys for over a year. Schager writes that David and Komel embarked “on a joint path of wholesale isolation (from everyone they knew) and [became] convinced they were being persecuted not only by the state, but also by otherworldly forces. Between that sort of lunacy and David’s filmmaking endeavor, which involved staging dog attacks on civilians and point-blank assassinations, it’s no surprise that young Raniya, in a candid video moment, is seen describing her and her parents’ imaginary murders in gruesome terms (“this room is bloody… the red man is going to get you”). It’s a stark illustration of how the mindset adopted by David (and his alt-right brethren) warps and corrupts. And the fact that, as a news reporter points out, Raniya’s morbid fantasy functioning as Shining-esque prophesy only further underlines how dreams of death and destruction often end by coming true.”

Overall, this article fails in its attempt to connect David Crowley to the “alt-right” and to Alex Jones. Still, it does a great job of making baseless allegations. Are Gray State fans legitimately insane? All of them?

Anthony Kaufman

In Mr. Kaufman’s review, the keyword “alt-right” is mentioned five times, while Alex Jones and Donald Trump are both mentioned twice. Here is another article that begins with an “alt-right” wet dream. Maybe not a dream, just fantasy writing, or better yet, delusional accusations connecting David Crowley to a fictitious label. The writer calls the premise for David Crowley’s Gray State movie “far-fetched” and labels Alex Jones as “Donald Trump’s favorite fake-news conspiracy theorist.”

The author claims that “Crowley’s fans and devotees were quick to call foul play, suggesting that the US government assassinated one of their would-be leaders.” But what about me Mr. Kaufman? What about those of us who were never fans or devotees of Crowley or his work? Did you conveniently  forget about us because we do not fit into the storyline that either David is guilty or the government killed him? Is it possible there are more options that you forgot to mention? Also, who considered David one of their leaders?

Kaufman also blabbers about his view on the truth, “But the truth, as director Erik Nelson reveals in his carefully plotted out and sympathetic investigation, is more tragic and sad than shadowy.” What I find sad and shadowy is Kaufman’s lack of knowledge on such a serious case.

I’d like to know, and I could take a wild guess, who was the friend claiming Gray State fans were “legitimately insane.” Any guesses as to who that might be?

Don’t forget about the pact-theory. You know, the theory that the murders were premeditated by both David and Komel. They never let a good conspiracy theory go to waste, right? Unless that theory involves the Gray State team, I suppose. “The ultimate mystery of Crowley’s case,” Kaufman writes, “then, becomes not if he was murdered, but how did he and his loving wife embark on such an irrevocable downward spiral together.”

Kaufman ends the review by claiming Erik Nelson’s documentary reveals “the catastrophic ways in which both the government and the alt-right community failed a man and his family, and not in the ways that Alex Jones might think.” I think Kaufman failed his readers and should think about the credibility of such a foolish piece of writing.

Overall, this review makes me want to hit Ctrl-alt-delete on this guy’s film review and erase his nonsense from public view.

Jason Bailey

In Mr. Bailey’s four-sentence review, the keyword “alt-right” is mentioned zero times! Alex Jones is only mentioned once! Thank you Mr. Bailey!

Then again, we are back to the pact-theory, which seems to play a key role at the end of the documentary, A Gray State. Bailey calls the documentary a “sad story of a couple succumbing to despair, and to the same kind of paranoia that infused his work.”

But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget the darkness which can overtake us all, “It’s a hard movie to watch, as his private audio and video recordings serve as journals of a descent into madness, but this is a harrowing portrait how easily our own darkness can take us over, if we let it.” Are you scared yet? Make sure you keep the lights on and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Overall, this review is a harrowing portrait of a writer who needs to do more research before succumbing to assumptions about a case he knows very little about.

Chris Barsanti

In Mr. Barsanti’s review, the keyword “alt-right” is mentioned three times and Alex Jones is referenced once or twice, if you count the word “Infowars.” The headline begins with, “When Fantasies Kill.” Nothing to fear here, right? The headline continues to attack David Crowley, labeling this case as “the murderous madness of an alt-right paranoiac in A Gray State.” There’s the fear porn we’ve become accustomed to in these reviews. Thanks Christopher.

Once again the focus quickly turns to Alex Jones, bashing his fans and their depth of research. Why? Apparently, Mr. Barsanti has done extensive research on every Alex Jones fan, past and present, right? Or else, why would he make such a ridiculous comment?

Local Minnesota newspaper staff writer Cory Zurowski believes the alleged double-murder suicide at 1015 Ramsdell Drive was “catnip for conspiracy theorists.” I will give Cory credit for never mentioning the phrase “alt-right” or Alex Jones in his article, published on March 23rd, 2016. However, it’s a shame he avoided the most important thing I could ever relay to the City Pages staff writer. Zurowski conveniently forgot to mention the bullet-hole in the living room police missed when they entered the house on January 17th, 2015. I expressed to Cory the importance of this particular bullet-hole, as it led to the bullet police allege David killed himself with. Police would not discover the bullet until their third call to the Crowley house, one month after the murders. It was a shame Zurowski avoided such a crucial piece of cat-nip. I still wonder why he avoided the issue. How can one claim to write a fair and balanced article without mentioning the bullet that killed David?

Zurowski mentioned me in his article, but avoided the key piece of information I was trying to relay to him, ““Citizen journalist” Greg Fernandez Jr. points to various peculiarities: Definitive fingerprints couldn’t be ascertained on the handgun. It doesn’t make sense that David was right handed, yet the weapon was found to the left of him. Investigators never fully vetted why the rear patio sliding door was ajar.”

Fair enough Cory, but why assume the patio door made “people like Fernandez and Hennen wonder if the family was murdered by someone they knew.” Let’s not forget about the bullet-hole that Chris Klien told police about one month after the alleged double-murder suicide. Even then, that didn’t lead me to wonder if Crowley was murdered by someone he knew. You were so close Cory. Sorry you backed down from the truth. Maybe next time.

The unlocked patio door proved to me why there was no reason for police to look for signs of forced entry. There was a clear entry point into the house through the patio door. Who can deny that? So why was there so much focus on pointing to the fact that there was no evidence of forced entry? I too believe there was no evidence of forced entry.

Several times in Chris Barsanti’s review, David is connected to the imaginary “alt-right” movement, without proof. But that is to be expected in these five reviews. So, why should the assumptions stop there? Barsanti makes it sound as if all conspiracy theorists (whatever that keyword is supposed to mean to him) are not open to the possibility that David committed these crimes. That is simply not true.

“We see a couple self-proclaimed “citizen investigators” dismiss the notion that the crime scene was what it appeared to be,” Barsanti continues, “darkly hinting at outside forces that wanted Crowley silenced.” I do dismiss the notion that the crime scene was what it appeared to be if someone is going to tell me the crime scene provided evidence of David’s guilt.

How could that be if police failed to find a bullet-hole in the living room ceiling? Why is this fact never mentioned in any of the film reviews or articles about David Crowley? I hope this important piece of the puzzle is finally mentioned in Erik Nelson’s documentary, if nothing else, to save its credibility.

Barsanti then moves on to the “spooky” movie trailer David and the Gray State team released back in 2012, which included “a mysterious entity implanting RFID chips into children (leaving a triangular scar probably meant to evoke the Trilateral Commission).” I’m more concerned about David, Komel, and Rani discussing a mysterious entity following them in their final days.

“The footage of Komel is particularly tragic,” Barsanti writes, “given that she was the one financially and emotionally supporting Crowley through his artistic misadventures, only to possibly fall prey to the same delusional fever that overtook him near the end.”

Barsanti ends the review with a theory of his own, “It wasn’t conspiracy theories that killed him and his family. But Crowley’s obsessive feeding of an online culture that celebrated his darkest fears couldn’t have helped his illness. They helped make the shadows seem real.”

Overall, I wonder if Barsanti truly believes David was a “murderous” “alt-right paranoiac” or if he realized that fear-porn can equal click-bait. Your guess is as good as mine.

So I will debate anyone who thinks they can prove David Crowley was part of some alt-right movement. The Gray Stage continues…

Alec Wilkinson

Alec Wilkinson’s article related to the documentary, A Gray State, did mention Alex Jones, but not in a derogatory way. This is a very thorough and interesting article, a short book in the making.

Unfortunately, Alec fell into the trap of trying to connect David Crowley to an alt-right movement, and avoided the bullet-hole in the loving room. Wilkinson then told me the reason why the bullet-hole was not included in his article was because it was not that important. Well, it sure seemed important when I first told Alec about it. He found it strange, and so did his fact-checker who called me before the article was published. Then after publication, Alec basically claims the bullet that killed David was not a big deal. Great job Alec.

Overall, Alec Wilkinson put a lot of time and effort into this article. He seemed sincere when I spoke with him over the phone. After our phone call, I was left with the feeling that this man had not done a lot of research on this case, including the 94 pages of police reports, and the first 464 photos released by the AVPD. But that is just a feeling…

Up Next: David Crowley Research Documents

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Latest Crime Scene Photos: The Gray Stage

Read 485 pages of official investigative documents and view the 600+ BCA crime scene images.

On January 17th, 2015, David Crowley was accused of murdering his wife and daughter before killing himself. The theory of a double-murder suicide was being shoved down our throats from the very beginning of the investigation. The Gray State team began demanding admin access to both the Justice for David Crowley & family Facebook group as well as the Justice for David Crowley of Gray State Facebook page. Questions about the official theory were quickly frowned upon by the Gray State team, and they did their best to control the narrative; the official narrative that David Crowley was guilty. This seemed odd to me. How could this group of people keep such an open-mind about government corruption but not about the accusations against their close friend?

So I sought out answers to see why they believed David was guilty. In those first days after the deaths of the Crowley family, there were many videos speculating that David Crowley was murdered by the government. I felt some people in the videos raised many good questions, but those questions did not lead me to conclude that David was taken out by our government. The media gave us two choices, either David was guilty or the government killed him. Obviously, I assumed the truth was somewhere in between. We could speculate all day, or we could look at the evidence and see where it leads us. I was and am still open to the possibility that David is guilty. I am also open to the possibility that David is not guilty. The media moved on to other stories and forgot about this case. I did not. Others did not. We actually wanted answers, not just speculation. Why would I believe David was guilty without evidence?

Regardless of my view of Gray State. After all, I had a bias of my own, a bias those who interviewed m ALWAYS failed to mention. I did not support Gray State. I saw it as fear porn. I still do. I was listening to when Alex Jones told David Crowley and Danny Mason they didn’t need a big Hollywood budget to make their movie. The trailer proved that. The production quality amazing, but I felt the story was lacking what I was looking for in a movie that would tackle the real enemy we face. While being interviewed for the documentary, The Gray State, the director asked me the same question I ask myself all the time, “Why am I still researching this?” The short answer is because I have not been given the answers I seek. The longer answer is that I go where God leads me. What you are about to see might be very disturbing. I give my commentary on some of the new images recently released. There are many more to come.

Up Next: Rotten Reviews for A Gray State

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Tom Lyden of Fox 9: The Gray Stage

Tom Lyden of Fox 9

One year after the alleged double murder-suicide committed by David Crowley, Fox 9 investigator Tom Lyden interviewed Apple Valley Police Chief Jon Rechtzigel. I wonder if Mr. Lyden actually read the 94 pages of police reports released by the Apple Valley Police Department. I also wonder why Mr. Lyden failed to ask Chief Rechtzigel why it took his department one month to located the bullet they believe David killed himself with.

Apparently, authorities who entered 1051 Ramsdell Drive on January 17th, 2015, did not notice a bullet hole in the living room while conducting their thorough investigation. Within hours of finding the bodies, Detective Jim Gummert assumed David Crowley was guilty after assessing the crime scene. Yet he too did not look up at the ceiling of the living room to see a bullet hole above his head. Is that truly a thorough investigation?

This case needs to be reopened, based solely on the conclusion provided by the Apple Valley Police Department and their lack of evidence to prove their theory. The Apple Valley Police Department have a theory. Their theory alleges that David Crowley “snapped” and killed his wife and daughter. Then David allegedly killed himself after leaving two notes in two separate rooms.

A hand-written note was left in the office bedroom. With the page flipped open, the contents read, “Open “The Rise” most recent version” and “Submit to Allah NOW.”


The other note was found on David’s laptop, “A message in a Text Edit window on the MacBook,” according to Detective Brian Bone.1


Like many others, the Apple Valley Police Chief believes David was the one who wrote “Allahu Akbar” at the top of the living room wall, after killing his wife and daughter. Where is the evidence?


Within 24-48 hours of finding the bodies did police truly believe David was guilty? What evidence led them to rule out foul-play so early into their investigation? What evidence led them to dismiss alternative conclusions? Unless this case is reopened we may never get the answers to those questions since the Apple Valley Police Department is no longer discussing this case.

Two Days Later

On January 19th, 2015, an unnamed neighbor called police about a “suspicious person” inside the Crowley residence.2 On January 20th, Bio-Tech Emergency Services, a company hired to clean the Crowley home, called Detective Sean McKnight “at the request of David’s father…a bullet had come out of the [living room] carpet and fallen to the floor.”3

On February 17th, 2015, Detective Brian Bone contacted the “suspicious person” by phone. During their thorough investigation, in two separate police reports, police spelled the suspicious person’s name three different ways. Klein, Kline and Cline. Christopher Cline told police about the bullet hole which led to a bullet in the attic.

“Cline reported to be a friend of the family,” Detective McKnight wrote in his report, “and said he had been inside the home with Dan Sr. and Jr. and had seen the bullet hole then.”4

Detective McKnight then asked Dan Crowley Sr. (David Crowley’s father) if he had been in the home with Cline on January 19th, 2015, “He told me that he was not aware of the bullet hole and had not gone into the home with Cline.” Police never followed up on the conflicting statements taken by Dan Sr. and Cline, but McKnight made sure to note that police were unable to “establish a definitive connection between [Chris Cline] and the family.” Of all the people involved in this case, Chris Cline is probably the one I know the least about so far. Who is Chris Cline?

Someone who did claim to be in the house with Chris Cline on January 19th was Mason Hendricks, also known as Mason Norsk Hest, who is featured in Tom Lyden’s video report of this incident.

Hendricks stated multiple people were there with he and Chris Cline, “We took and tore into everything, you know, ceilings, up in the attics, I mean we were everywhere.” Hendricks stated they were looking for anything that would help them understand why David would commit a double murder-suicide. He found nothing. Unlike police, and apparently anyone who entered the house on January 17th, 2015, Hendricks noticed the bullet hole in the living room as soon as he walked into the house on January 19th.

“I looked up,” Hendricks told me, he turned to someone else in the house and asked, “They couldn’t see the hole?…It’s pretty difficult to not see this hole in the ceiling.” Hendricks was willing to give authorities the benefit of the doubt, perhaps police did not see the bullet hole in the living room because the Christmas Tree was blocking their view.

Looking at the photographs of the crime scene, including the Christmas tree, I do not understand how police missed the bullet hole above their heads.

That leads us to the issue of the bullet found in the attic. This is the bullet police allege David killed himself with. Yet they do not discover the bullet until their third trip to the Crowley residence? I find that hard to believe.

Police returned to the scene of the crime for a third time on February 18th, 2015, and took several photographs of the bullet hole in the living room, as well as the bullet found in the attic. “We looked for access to the attic area of the house,” Detective Brian Bone wrote in one report, “and found that the attic access from the master bedroom closet was open. This had not been open at the time of our initial search of the house on 1-17-15.”5

Tom Lyden began his investigative segment declaring, “It’s important at this point to really get all the facts out on the table. I think that’s the most important thing here.” Mr Lyden, if you really want to get all the facts on the table, please consider researching the numerous facts you forgot to mention.

Chief Jon Rechtzigel described the Crowley family as “the ideal family, seemingly” before stating he believed “something went terribly wrong” inside the Crowley house. Without providing any substantial evidence, Chief Rechtzigel then claimed that David Crowley “snapped.”

“It looks like David snapped,” Rechtzigel told Tom Lyden, “and took the lives of his wife and daughter, and then ultimately himself.”

Chief Rechtzigel also believed “a great deal” of the Gray State movie was the reason why David killed his wife, child and himself. “From all accounts,” the police chief told Tom Lyden, “he was consumed with producing this film and it was a dark topic. Here you’re talking about conspiracy theories and potentially the fall of society, and if you’re focusing on that day-in-and-day-out, and these are materials you’re working with, and you’re filming exclusively on that topic, that can take you to a very bad place.”

“Judging by the mail piling up and a paper in the home, the murder-suicide took place the day after Christmas. David shooting Komel twice in the head, Raniya once, before shooting himself. Between their bodies, a Quran with pages torn out, opened to a traditional forgiveness prayer.” – Tom Lyden

Chief Rechtzegil told Tom Lyden that David Crowley used Komel’s blood to write Allahu Akbar at the top of their living room wall, close to a clock mounted on the wall. Asked why he believed David wrote the words in his wife’s blood, the chief responded, “We believe that was kind of a parting shot…probably at Komel for having a Muslim past.”

“This has nothing to do with Islam,” Mason Hendricks told Lyden separately, “but everything to do with a man that lost his way and ultimately killed his wife and his daughter and then himself.” Hendricks thought David was being sarcastic when he wrote Allahu Akbar in Komel’s blood, “That’s him possibly throwing a jab.”

“A jab at Komel’s family?” Lyden asked.

“Possibly.” Yet this has nothing to do with Islam?

“David did not kill himself right away,” Tom Lyden reported. “He left a trail of footprints, tracking Komel’s blood through the house. In the living room his bloody fingerprint is on a laptop, opened to a text file with only a single sentence, “I have loved you all with all of my heart.” In the home office on a notepad, more bloody fingerprints and the words, “Submit to Allah Now.””

“This was a person that was not thinking clearly,” Chief Rechtzigel told Lyden. “His mind at that point was deranged. He just was not in a normal state. He wasn’t thinking rationally.”

Tom Lyden made an interesting comment stating, “David’s brother left their Christmas presents on the front step to avoid a confrontation.” Lyden didn’t elaborate on why Dan Jr. would want to avoid a confrontation with his brother by simply leaving Christmas presents on the front door stoop.

Tom Lyden also made a strange comment about the rear slider being open “apparently for the family dog.” That doesn’t make sense to me. I won’t dispute the fact that Tom Lyden is an investigator but I do wonder how much investigating he did on this case before releasing his video report.

The last time Mason Hendricks saw David, in December of 2014, David “looked like he literally was eating, sleeping and breathing on his computer. Failure was not an option for him.” Yet Hendricks believed David murdered his wife and child before killing himself. That seems like failure to me. Lyden also reported that Hendricks stated David Crowley suffered from PTSD. Hendricks still believes David is guilty “and there’s no denying it.”

Even so, Chief Rechtzigel admitted he didn’t know what caused David to murder those closest to him before committing suicide, “We don’t know what the trigger was, what was the breaking point.”

Mason Hendricks once told me, “I don’t think anybody’s ever really gonna know what actually, how it all happened.” He may be right.

Danny Mason, heavily involved in the Gray State project, told Tom Lyden, “At the tail-end of it, [David] was living the Gray State…it almost embodied him, almost to the extent of where it would dictate a lot of his thoughts and his ideas, and his, I guess, outlook in reality.”

Don’t be surprised if Danny Mason and Joe Biggs move forward with the Gray State movie. If they do, please understand that this will be their version of Gray State and not David Crowley’s. If Gray State is ever produced, I want you all to understand this film will be made by those who believe David Crowley is guilty. Welcome to the Gray Stage. Take a seat and applaud on cue.

Danny Mason & Joe Biggs

“Family members on both sides declined to talk on camera. Quite frankly, they’re afraid they’ll be harassed by some of these conspiracy theorists out there.” – Tom Lyden

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21 Questions for Detective Gummert: The Gray Stage


On May 10th, 2016, Apple Valley Police Department’s Detective Sergeant Jim Gummert sent me an email response to twenty-one questions related to the alleged double-murder suicide committed by David Crowley.

Police went to the Crowley residence at 1:04 p.m. on January 17th, 2015. The scene was cleared at 5:09 p.m. that same day. After assessing the scene, Detective Sergeant Jim Gummert believed David Crowley was guilty of a double-murder suicide.

Police declined to provide us with “hundreds” of crime scene images. According to Detective Gummert, there were no police reports withheld from the 94 pages of police reports released to the public. The detective first claimed he never spoke with Komel’s father, which turned out to be a lie. Gummert also stated the Department of Homeland Security was not involved in the investigation and neither was the FBI. Both Sean Wright and Mason Hendricks told me the opposite.

Asked if he saw the bullet hole in the living room ceiling on January 17th, Gummert answered, “I saw it, unknown of exact date.”

Was Chris Cline mistaken when he told police he was in the Crowley house on January 19th, with Dan Crowley Sr. and Daniel Crowley Jr.? Dan Sr. told police he wasn’t in the house with Cline on that date. I asked the detective if he knew who was telling the truth and who was not? “No,” Gummert responded.

Mr. Gummert believed it was possible that Komel was shot before Rani. Rani’s flesh and blood was not found anywhere on Komel’s body.

Asked if there were any latent fingerprints on the blood-smeared wall, the detective simply replied, “No.”

Body parts were “missing” from the scene. They were not found elsewhere inside the house; they were simply missing, and Gummert implied that the dog ate the missing body parts.

21 Questions for Detective Gummert

Sent by Greg Fernandez Jr. -3/16/2016 (8:35:42 p.m.)
Returned by Detective Gummert – 5/10/2016 (12:41 p.m.)

  1. What evidence did you find to prove David Crowley was guilty of a double-murder suicide? MN BCA analysis results. How long did it take to come to that conclusion? It took them several months to send back results.
  2. Several reports state body parts, such as hands, were “missing”, can you clarify as to whether or not body parts were missing from the entire crime scene? (According to Detective Bone, Rani’s entire right arm and shoulder were missing from her arm socket. David’s right hand was “missing” and so was most of his skull. A “majority” of Komel’s head was also “missing,” according to Detective Bone. “Both of her hands were found to be missing.”) Parts were missing from scene.
  3. The murder weapon was found near David’s left hand. Yet there are many pictures that clearly show David pointing a gun with his right hand. Do you believe David was right-handed or left-handed? Right.
  4. Were there any latent fingerprints on the blood smeared wall? (“Allahu Akbar”) No.
  5. Images of the murder weapon were provided to Tom Lyden, Fox News 9 anchor, who I assume filled out the same disclosure form as I did. Yet I did not receive at 3 images that Tom Lyden did; including the image of the murder weapon on a living room table, red blood foot prints on a hardwood floor. If I file another disclosure request for those specific images, will I receive the images requested? I would also request an image of the murder weapon where it was found (even a censored version). Fill another one out with a specific request and I will see what I can do.
  6. Is it possible, based on evidence found at the crime scene, Komel was shot first and Rani was not immediately shot after? It is possible. Was Rani’s blood or flesh found on Komel’s body? No.
  7. Early media reports suggested Daniel Crowley Jr. went to David’s house on December 26th or December 27th, 2014. However, in police reports it is clear Daniel Crowley Jr. stated he was at his brother’s house on December 28th. Was Daniel ever asked about the various dates as to when he went to the Crowley residence? No.
  8. Is it true that police went to the Crowley residence on three separate occasions, once after the bodies were discovered, a second time after a “mushroom” bullet was discovered (page 51 of the pdf, image DSC_0032), and a third time on February 18th, 2015 (when they found a bullet hole near the living room ceiling)? Yes.
  9. Was water found in any of the toilets in the Crowley residence? How did the family dog, Paleo, survive for three weeks? Yes, see answer to question 2.
  10. Chris Klein/Klien/Cline – Do you know when a neighbor called the Apple Valley Police Department to report a “suspicious person” in the Crowley residence on January 19th, 2015? (pg. 78) Yes.
  11. The suspicious person was Chris Klien. How was Chris Klien identified as the “suspicious person” the neighbor was referring to? Unknown.
  12. Chris Klien stated he was in the house with Daniel Crowley Sr. and Dan Jr., even though the neighbor apparently only reported one “suspicious person.” Dan Sr. denied being in the house with Chris Klien (“He told me he was not aware of the bullet hole and had not gone into the home with Cline.” – Detective Sean McKnight, pg. 81). Do you know if it was ever discovered who was telling the truth and who was not? No.
  13. Are there images from 1/17/15 that show a bullet hole near the living room light? Yes.
  14. Did you see the bullet hole in the living room ceiling on January 17th, 2015? I saw it, unknown of exact date.
  15. Was the Department of Homeland Security or the FBI involved in your investigation or were they conducting their own investigation? Not contacted, no investigation.
  16. Did you ever speak to Anjum Alam? No.
  17. I received a 94 page pdf document full of police reports. Are there police reports that were excluded in the 94 page pdf? No.
  18. I received 464 images from the AVPD after filling out their disclosure request form. How many images were possibly withheld? Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds.
  19. Is it possible to get censored images that will help prove three bodies were found at the Crowley residence on 1/17/15. No.
  20. Is it possible to get the medical examiners report or BCA reports in addition to what has already been provided? You will have to contact them.
  21. What did you find within hours after arriving at the crime scene that led you to believe David Crowley was guilty of a double-murder suicide? Assessment of scene.

In addition to answering the twenty-one questions, Detective Gummert took the time to explain his answers:

“Mr. Fernandez, I understand my answers are short and to the point, but based on your questions you have read all of our reports, and there is nothing more to add on my end.  If we did not cover it in our reports than we did not feel it necessary to do so.

I have come to the realization that there is nothing I can say or do that will ever satisfy the people that believe there is a cover up and that the family was murdered by the government, or agents acting on behalf of the government.  I will also never be able to satisfy people’s opinion that our department did a poor job investigating this incident even though most, if not all of those critics have never spent a day doing what we do. 

I am not sure where you fall in your opinions, but I would hope we could agree on one point.  That the lives lost in that home have greatly affected their families.  I think we owe it to their families to move on and let them live in peace.  They have suffered enough, and continual discussion of this case serves no purpose.

Moving forward I will no longer answer any other questions regarding this case.  Time has come for our department to move on.  I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Take care, Jim.”

My Response to Detective Gummert’s 21 Questions

I often think about all of the strange things surrounding this case. The murder weapon was found next to David’s left hand even though he fired a weapon with his right hand. Latent fingerprints were not found on the blood-smeared wall in the living room. Since the rear slider was open 1/4th an inch when police arrived at the Crowley house I didn’t expect them to tell the media there were no signs of forced entry so early during their investigation.

My biggest issue with this investigation is the bullet hole in the living room ceiling. The bullet hole allegedly led to the bullet that killed David Crowley. David’s body was found on January 17th, 2015, but the bullet that killed him wasn’t found in the Crowley house until February 18th, 2015.

It was only after speaking with David Crowley’s friend, Chris Cline, that police eventually found the bullet in the attic above the living room ceiling. It was days after the murders when Mason Hendricks began searching in the Crowley’s home, looking for anything that would shed light on why David would kill his family and himself. Hendricks told me he found nothing that day, but he did see the bullet hole above his head in the living room while in the house with Cline.

According to Detective Gummert, it was “unknown” how they determined Chris Cline was the suspicious person inside the Crowley house on January 19th, 2015.

Cline is an important character on this stage, not because of who he is, but because of where he was on January 19th, what he saw inside the Crowley house, and who he was with. Though it’s not clear yet if he saw the bullet in the attic, we know police did not see the bullet in the attic until February 18th, a month later.

Even worse, after speaking with Cline and learning some valuable information about the bullet in the attic above the living room ceiling, police never followed up to see if Cline was telling the truth about being in the Crowley house with David’s father. Dan Crowley Sr., David’s father, told police he was not in the house with Chris Cline that day.

So we know Chris Cline and Mason Hendricks claim to have seen the bullet hole in the living room on January 19th. Detective Gummert told me he also saw the bullet hole in the living room but he is not sure if it was on January 17th.

“I saw it,” wrote Detective Gummert, “Unknown of exact date.”

One of the most common questions related to the missing body parts inside the house. What did the dog eat? Most of David’s head was missing, along with his right hand. Not much was left of Komel’s skull either and both of her hands were missing. Despite Mason Hendricks’ claim that Rani’s body was not disturbed, the daughter’s entire right arm was missing. These body parts were never found, according to Gummert. The detective assumes the missing body parts were eaten by the family dog, Paleo.

Gummert believes the dog survived off of the missing body parts and the water from inside the toilets. Two of the three toilet lids were left open in the house. Photographs taken by police show how little water was left in Rani’s bathroom toilet, and the basement toilet.

Detective Gummert told me that neither the FBI nor the DHS were involved in their investigation, “Not contacted, no investigation.” This contradicts what Mason Hendricks told me, as well as something mentioned to me by Sean Wright. Hendricks believed the reason why the investigation took so long was because of the FBI and the DHS. Sean Wright advised me to stay away from people asking questions about this case, people like Dan Hennen and Thomas Lapp, so I could avoid being put under a microscope by the DHS.

Still the biggest contradiction in this case came from Detective Gummert himself. “Did you ever speak to Anjum Alam?” I asked.

“No,” Detective Gummert responded. Anjum Alam is the father of Komel Crowley. In a police report by Mr. Gummert, he made it seem like all communication between the police department and the Alam family would go through Komel’s sister Sidrah.

However, when Dan Hennen asked the detective if he ever spoke with Anjum Alam, Gummert told him Yes.

Unfortunately, police reports do not elaborate on the growing list of questions. In fact, the Apple Valley Police Department has decided they are no longer going to be talking about this case. They are moving on. Case closed. Mr. Gummert believes we owe it to the family to stop asking questions about the alleged double-murder suicide. His superiors concur.

“Moving forward,” Detective concluded in his response to the questions, “I will no longer answer any other questions regarding this case. Time has come for our department to move on. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.”

A few days later, Mr. Gummert made sure to speak with independent researcher Dan Hennen at the Apple Valley Police Department. Dan Hennen went to the police department to pick up the contents of his second disclosure request about the alleged double murder-suicide. Dan was not expecting to meet with Detective Gummert that day, but the two men ended up speaking for about twenty minutes in the lobby of the police station. I’m glad the detective took the time to speak with Dan but why would he tell me he would not be answering questions about the case, and then initiate a meet-and-greet with Dan Hennen, offering to answer questions? More so, why would the detective give Dan and I two different answers to the same question about Mr. Alam?

After reading the 94 pages of police reports provided by the Apple Valley Police Department, I assumed there were reports I had not read. Investigators seemed so confident of their theory that I found it hard to believe I had read every police report related to this case. This was before Judy Prochnow told me about the audio recordings which accompanied certain police reports.

“You have read all of our reports,” Detective Gummert wrote in response to my list of questions, “and there is nothing more to add on my end. If we did not cover it in our reports than we did not feel it necessary to do so.”

The detective seemed convinced when he wrote, “I have come to the realization that there is nothing I can say or do that will ever satisfy the people that believe there is a cover up and that the family was murdered by the government, or agents acting on behalf of the government.”

What do we believe and why? The detective does not directly label me as one who believes in a government conspiracy, but in that particular sentence he is obviously speaking about those who are convinced of such a massive plot aimed towards David Crowley. Even if I ruled out the possibility of a government conspiracy, could the 94 pages of police reports and the 464 crime scene photographs ever convince someone David was guilty? I find that hard to believe. I would be shocked if anyone believed David was guilty based on the 94 pages of police reports and the 464 photographs of the crime scene.

Detective Gummert agrees that he will never be able to satisfy people’s opinion that his department did a poor job investigating this incident, “Even though most, if not all of those critics have never spent a day doing what we do.”

What exactly do you do Mr. Gummert? Do you look up at the ceiling while you’re standing in the living room of a crime scene? Do you remember what date you saw the bullet hole above your head? Especially when that bullet hole is part of a crime scene? What do you do Mr. Gummert? You ask me to move on because we owe it to the families to live in peace, “They have suffered enough, and continual discussion of this case serves no purpose.”

An officer serves their purpose by providing a thorough investigation to the citizens within their jurisdiction. No purpose is served by concluding this was a double murder-suicide within hours of finding of the bodies. Continual discussion coincides with transparency and truth. An officer should know that.

On June 2nd, 2016, I wrote back to Gummert, hoping to find out why he gave Dan Hennen and I two completely different answers to the same question, “Hello Mr. Gummert, sorry to bother you and I know you are not discussing the case any more but for the purpose of accuracy in writing my articles I have to ask you to clarify question #16 when I asked if you ever spoke with Mr. Anjum Alam – Komel’s father. In the answer you stated No, but Dan Hennen told me you told him Yes. Can you please help clear this up? Did you ever speak with Anjum Alam?”

The following day, Gummert responded, “My apologies, I answered the question incorrectly.  I have spoken to Komel’s father on several occasions.  Hopefully that clears it up, have a good day.”

“Is there a reason why you answered incorrectly?”

“A mistake on my part,” Gummert wrote back, “not trying to hide anything.”

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