Bohemian Grove 2018

Every year the Bohemian Club hosts a private two-week gathering in Monte Rio, California. We often hear about who has attended Bohemian Grove in the past, including Walt Disney, but who attends today? Bohemian Club members and guests may see two or three people at the gates of Bohemian Grove in mid-summer every year. Please do not assume these people are merely protesters.

I am not a protester. I am not protesting the Bohemian Club or the existence of Bohemian Grove. I don’t characterize myself as a demonstrator because I would only be demonstrating that I have some questions about the Bohemian Club and the existence of the Bohemian Grove. These questions relate specifically to the annual lake-side chats, the Cremation of Care opening ceremony, and the presence of a 40-foot wooden owl.

Bohemian Grove 2018

What we’ve learned today is it doesn’t take the real Donald Trump to ruin the Bohemian Grove party. You can have just a cardboard cut-out and they’ll be just as triggered. One kid who worked in Bohemian Grove just happened to get a flat tire next to us. As the young chap waited for assistance from co-workers, he decided to open the back of his truck and read a book. So I didn’t engage him. He seemed like a nice kid. He started asking about Bohemian Grove, specifically, why we were there. He tried to downplay the whole event as if nothing was going on.

One only needs to stand outside Bohemian Grove for a few hours on opening day to understand  there is something going on inside the 2,400 acres. The kid was nice until he stared at the cardboard version of Donald Trump outside the grove. He couldn’t have looked more disgusted. So much so, after his tire was fixed, and he was driving away,  the young man made it a point to scream out F Trump! as he left Bohemian Grove.

Bohemian Grove 2018 (MendoBrendo)

There were some middle-finger wavers, but mostly we saw laughs and giggles. Believe it or not, there were some Trump supporters on-site. No one wanted to express that view too loudly though. There was concern about a backlash if they decided to accept my invitation to take a photograph with the cut-out of our President. That’s a shame. I think I was the only one who took a picture with Trump that day, July 14th, 2018.

The evening of July 14th was most-likely when the members and guests attended the annual Cremation of Care. The play revolves around sacrificing dull care on an alter, before a giant owl. Nothing to see here, I suppose.

If nothing else, cardboard Trump provided some laughter to those entering and exiting Bohemian Grove. The world needs love and the world needs laughter. More so, the world needs Truth. The world needs Jesus Christ. I’m not sure why the world needs Bohemian Grove, but there it is. Here we are, shining a light in the darkness.

Greg Fernandez Jr. | 7/22/18

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