Bohemian Grove 2019

Bohemian Grove 2019 – July 13th, 2019

Today the Bohemian Club is located at 624 Taylor Street in San Francisco, California. The 2,700 redwood forest encampment known as Bohemian Grove can be found at 20601 Bohemian Avenue in Monte Rio, California. The Club and the Grove are separated by 100 miles. The history of the Bohemian Club dates back to 1872, but the three-week encampment inside Bohemian Grove probably began in 1878, just before Henry Edwards, one of the founding members of the Bohemian Club, decided to relocate to New York.

The gathering was called the Mid-Summer High Jinks. This party took place in the redwood forest of Marin County, where the Samuel P. Taylor State Park is today. Actor and head entomologist at the California Academy of Sciences, Henry Edwards moved to New York City after his send-off party on June 29th, 1878. A night of drinking, socializing, and sleeping in the redwoods of Marin and Sonoma County became the yearly tradition of Bohemian Club members, guests, and entertainers. Locations varied for the first few years, but the annual gatherings were usually held near the Russian River in Sonoma County, California.

Inside Bohemian Grove the employees passed through multiple security checkpoints, flashing their badges and scanning their thumbs. A new employee spoke with us while taking a cigarette break. “A lot of them come here to die,” an unnamed employee said of the club members. “This is all they have.” She then re-enacted the old men slow-walking throughout the encampment, single-file in some cases.

It was the waste that bothered the employee the most. Even after she bagged up pounds of steak to take home to her dog, there were still tons of food that would end up in the trash.

A club member exiting Bohemian Grove stopped and asked me about my tripod, “What’s that?”

I explained what a tripod is used for before he asked the popular question of the day, “What are you doing here?” He didn’t want to be on camera and he didn’t want me to take a picture of his bohemian club hat.

Security Update: Jerry is the new Tony. Tony retired two years ago. I can’t wait to talk to Jerry.

Generally the cooks are pretty timid, but there’s always that one who can’t resist a little good morning banter, “You guys with Alex Jones?”

No,” Brendan and I responded.

The cook acted like he wanted to get in touch with Alex Jones. “Call him up,” I responded. Of course, the cook had no intention of doing that. He was just poking fun, but in the process he showed me his lack of intelligence.

Sean Ackley was once again mistaken for Michael Moore, the unofficial brother of Mary Moore.

Thanks to everyone who came out, everyone who participated in the live stream chatroom, all of those who prayed for a safe journey, and everyone who wanted to be there but could not. Chris be with you all!

Part of the current Bohemian Grove location was rented out from 1893 until 1899, the year when it was purchased from Melvin Meeker. Meeker ran a booming logging business in the Monte Rio area. The Bohemian Grove property expanded over time until it became the 2,700 acre encampment it is today.

Mark Twain and Jack London were both members of the Bohemian Club. Some of the attendees at Bohemian Grove included Charlie Chaplin, Bing Crosby, Barry Goldwater, Walt Disney, Nelson Rockefeller, Walter Cronkite, Henry Kissinger, and former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.

It is generally believed the Bohemian Club began as a fraternity among male journalists, artists, musicians and others who enjoyed the entertainment arts of the late 1800s. Membership dues are a necessity for the club’s existence and growth. In order to keep up with maintenance and expansion costs, the club began to extend its membership to some very powerful people.

Soon journalists and art lovers were joined by industrialists, banking elitists and government officials. Also included as members or guests of the annual gathering were corporate CEOs, Federal Reserve Board members, military contractors, oil company businessmen, members of the mainstream media, and high-ranking foreign officials. Women need not apply for membership. In general, they are not welcome.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, visited the annual Bohemian Grove gathering in 1962 and apparently impressed a lot of the attendees that year. Once called “the greatest men’s party on earth” by President Herbert Hoover, the Bohemian Grove has also been described as a place where “all those rich republicans go up and stand naked against redwood trees,” according to former United States President Bill Clinton.

In a private recording, President Richard Nixon vocalized his disgust for “the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine with that San Francisco crowd that goes there.” Although President Nixon stated he couldn’t “shake hands with anybody from San Francisco” he still attended the “upper-class” gathering “from time to time.” In 1971, President Nixon was set to give a speech at the “private club of businessmen outside of San Francisco” but he allegedly canceled his visit that year to avoid bringing unwanted media attention to the Bohemian Club.

Though the Bohemian Club is not limited to attendees that are members of the Republican Party, Journalist Phillip Weiss of Spy Magazine reported that “every republican president since Herbert Hoover” has attended the annual gathering. I wonder if that statement holds true today. Phillip Weiss also reported that the 1989 gathering included George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Newt Gengrich, Colin Powell and Henry Kissinger.

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