David Crowley – Investigator Hired


Dan Hennen has hired a private investigator to look into the accusations against David Crowley.  


My name is Dan Hennen.  I have been following the strange and bizarre case that occurred 30 minutes from my house.  In January 2015, neighbors discovered the bodies of David (29), Komel (28), and their daughter Rani (5), on the  living room floor of their Apple Valley, MN home.  Law enforcement concluded that father and husband David Crowley shot and killed his wife and child, and then ultimately himself.

I created a Facebook group called “Justice for David Crowley and family” when the alleged “facts” of the story didn’t “add up”.   I wanted to get to the truth of this case.  Many others have been busy researching the anomalies in this case, and our group has grown to over 2,500 members worldwide.

In December, 2018, the Apple Valley Police Department went on the record that they will never reopen this case, even after being forwarded evidence that this family were the victims of a triple homicide.  Because the killer(s) is/are still out there, and walking free, we need to take this in another direction.

I personally hired a private investigator to view the Crowley Case.  This person has extensive background in homicides, cold cases, and forensics.  The cost was $7,000.   I would appreciate any help to defray the costs.  It is important to me, as well as a lot of you, to get to the truth of what happened to this family regardless of what this investigation may reveal.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you choose to donate, your donation, regardless of the amount, will be greatly appreciated.


Link to “Justice for David Crowley and Family” Facebook Group

Link to my website regarding this case

Link to my YouTube channel with 45+ videos regarding this case

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