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Start with the 94 pages of Apple Valley Police reports and the 485 pages of BCA reports and documents. Then look over the 464 crime scene photos released by the Dakota County Sheriff’s office and the BCA’s photographs of the crime scene. 

Then there are the 711 BCA Crime Scene images recently obtained, which contain a few more images than previously released. Here are the autopsy reports for David, Komel, and Raniya Crowley.

Most recently, we received 488 pages of BCA documents that are worth reading.

You can watch a breakdown of the big 485 pages of BCA reports and documents here:

Here is a smaller breakdown of the AVPD Property and Evidence Lists:

AVPD Crime Scene Images:

BCA Crime Scene Images:

To get a better understanding of what the crime scene looked like, check out the 57 points of interest noted by authorities.

From there you may want to read the contents of the 911 calls by Collin and Judy Prochnow. Komel’s final text messages were also released to Dan Hennen and put on his website, The Ugly Truth. Hennen also pointed out a clear contradiction about Rani’s emergency contact info, “Cypress Montessori told law enforcement there were NO emergency contact phone numbers provided, but the Minnesota BCA reports show otherwise.”

After you’ve read the final email exchanges between Jason Allen and David Crowley, consider reading Dan Hennen’s informative article, and maybe even one of my Gray Stage articles. Regardless of your view on this case, please do as much research as possible.

More Documents:

Financial Documents

BCA Lab Analysis

911 Call

AVPD Data Request Form 

AVPD Property and Evidence Report

AVPD Search Warrants 

David’s Revocable Trust 

ATF Application

Contributors to Unknown Group

David’s Military Record 

Phone Records: 

David’s Last Known Phone Number: 612-999-4890 

Komel’s Last Known Number: 651-333-0072

Komel’s Previous Phone Number: 214-470-5794 

Spreadsheet for Komel’s Old Phone: 214-470-5794

David’a Previous Phone Number: 254-616-0461 


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7 thoughts on “David Crowley Research Documents – The Gray Stage”

  1. Charles Kafka says:

    has anyone noticed all the kitchen photos are gone?
    there was a note there from the daughter saying how wonderful dad was.
    not really surprised it’s gone,
    just surprised most of this is so out in the open.

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi Greg!
    I posted over at UglyTruth but thought you may have some answers.

    Did an FOIA request ever go to the Dakota County Task Force for the digital forensic analysis reports on all the devices?

    On the MBP, the TextEdit would be time/date stamped. All key combinations would be recorded. Any activity on the machine could be pulled from memory. I’m sure David was methodical about doing backups since the crash when they moved to the house. It is Forensics 101 to do a live capture of the device as it sits for analysis. That capture could be compared to previous backup versions. I’m sure they have those versions available on the myriad of drives collected. The bottom line is digital analysis is going to answer a lot of questions and those reports need to be reviewed.

    The DC Task Force may not have the equipment or the analysts with enough experience, especially analyst familiar with MBP or OSX, because these types of analysts are harder to come by. I would be surprised if a small PD would have the resources to properly analyze these devices (MBP and iPhones). It should’ve been sent out to a more sophisticated lab.

    If you have the reports from the Dakota County Task Force, please point me in the right direction.

    In peace,

    My background is in digital forensics. 🙂

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