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Thank you for watching and listening to Heart Talk. Discussions with Walter Bradley continue in this series as we begin with Walter’s paranormal experiences in Episode One. Episode Two asks the question What Is Truth? Jesus Christ is Truth. Episode Three is a discussion about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Then Episode Four was recorded live during Election Night 2018.


Heart Talk returns with Walter Bradley discussing his paranormal childhood experiences, his test on a nuclear submarine, and getting lost in the woods.


Jesus Christ is Truth. This is a discussion about Jesus, Scripture, Child Abductions, Aliens, Demons, and a nesting place in the hills of Oakland, California. May Jesus Christ be with you all and guide you to do His will.


Today, Walter and I discuss Brett Kavanaugh, the corruption surrounding his nomination to the United States Supreme Court, and his unconstitutional stances.


Walter Bradley joins me on Election Night, November 6th, 2018 to discuss the election results, Congress, Donald Trump, the Deep State and Jesus Christ.


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