Inspector General Testifies Before Congress

On June 18th, 2018, Inspector General Michael Horowitz appeared before the House Judiciary Committee & the House Oversight Committee, four days after the release of the report on Clinton Emails and Questionable Decisions made by FBI and DOJ officials. You can watch the full video here.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s opening statement focused on certain decisions made by the Department of Justice and the FBI in 2016.

“Here’s what has been observed by these committees,” Congressman Goodlatte told the Inspector General. “Questionable interpretation by DOJ and FBI of the law surrounding mishandling of classified information. Foreign actors obtained access to some of Mrs. Clinton’s emails, including at least one email classified secret. Director Comey appeared to have pre-determined the exoneration of Mrs. Clinton at least two months before the investigation concluded. The Department of Justice determined any charge of gross negligence was off the table, reading an intent standard into the law that does not exist. Grotesque statements against then-candidate Donald Trump were made by top FBI officials and they went so far as to say, ‘We’ll stop Trump from becoming President.’ Indiscretions involving Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page were not handled appropriately at the time the FBI management learned of them, resulting in their continued assignment as key players on the Clinton investigation and the Mueller-Russia investigation. Mr. McCabe appears to have not been forthright with congress during an interview conducted by the committees concerning his knowledge of meetings and actions taken by Mr. McCabe and his team.”

“The FBI’s top counter-intelligence official,” Goodlatte continued, “was unaware of possible evidence indicating Mrs. Clinton’s private email server had been penetrated by a foreign adversary and unaware of relevant legal process obtained during the investigation. Documents show significant criticism of Mr. Comey expressed by multiple current and former FBI agents. The FBI intentionally obscured the fact President Obama had communicated with Mrs. Clinton’s private email address by editing Mr. Comey’s final press statement; replacing the President with the euphemism Senior Government Official. Finally, top FBI officials, including Mr. McCabe and Mr. Priestap, through their wives, had close ties to democrat and Clinton-affiliated entities, and should have seemingly been recused from the Clinton investigation. Public confidence in the impartiality of our law enforcement system is critical to ensure all are treated equally under the law. Fallout from the Clinton investigation however, gives the impression those with money and influence are given lighter treatment than the so-called common person.”

Three for Three

Congressman Trey Gowdy questioned the inspector general about the text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, which specifically mentioned stopping Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States.

Lisa Page was an FBI lawyer who worked on the Clinton Email investigation, the Russia Collusion investigation, and she was part of the Mueller Special Council team.

“So we’re three for three,” Gowdy explained, “on her working on the two most important bureau investigations in 2016 and beyond.”

It’s believed Andy McCabe used Lisa Page to leak information to a news outlet. Page was considered the “special council,” according to Inspector General Horowitz.

Gowdy then asked Horowitz, “Wasn’t there also a text about an insurance policy in case Trump won, in a meeting in Andy’s office. She was part of that text string too, wasn’t she?”

“Correct,” Horowitz responded. “That was on August 15th.”

Gowdy reminds us of Page’s clear bias found in the Inspector General’s Report. “Most of those comments were before the Clinton investigation was over,” Gowdy continued, “and we are somehow supposed to believe that she did not prejudge the outcome of that investigation before it was over. She already had Hillary Clinton winning. I don’t know how you can win if you’re gonna wind up getting indicted, and or plead guilty, or be convinced of a felony.”

There is no doubt Lisa Page wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 Presidential Election. Page was placed in a key position within the FBI. So was Peter Strzok. Both were working on two very important investigations of our time. Yet we are supposed to believe there is no bias against Donald Trump?

How is there no bias? Strzok is praising Clinton while investigating her being in violation of the Espionage Act.

“He’s supposed to be investigating her for violations of the Espionage Act,” Gowdy said of Peter Strzok, “and he can’t think of a single solitary American that wouldn’t vote for her for President.”

The Clear Bias Against Trump continues…

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