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In this first episode of MBS Talk Radio, Christian Coffins and Brendan O’Leary join me to talk about staged events, controlled environments, ANTIFA, Proud Boys and Bohemian Grove 2018. In many cases, the police stand down while these radical groups engage each other. This is all part of their program, so see how we react to these events. Still, good people are seeing beyond the lies. We also discuss the sub-culture groups, third-party candidates, Richard Nixon’s lake-side chat at Bohemian Grove. You can download the full speech at Darkdox.com. Visit Darkdox.com for more documents and videos you’re looking for. We also talk about the Tales of Terror comic book by Coffins Comix. Get your copy now! It comes with a soundtrack by Sacred Owls! We also discuss the disgusting and disturbing Hollywood influences. They are trying to sexualize our children. We will continue to expose them. We then discuss our views on Alex Jones. The good and the bad. The Flat Earth theory and the Moon Landing are also included in this chat. Stanley Kubrick’s movies are always interesting. Eyes Wide Shut, Dr. Strange Love, and 2001: A Space Odyssey are just a few of the notable Hollywood films used in the war for our minds. We discuss fake Facebook profiles created for likes and hits. I feel blessed to have this conversation with Christian and Brendan. I consider them both my friends and Brothers. Truth Lives! Seek Truth. May Jesus Christ be with you all!


MBS TALK RADIO #1 – Dull Care

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