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Nine-Eleven: What is Truth?

NINE-ELEVEN by Greg Fernandez Jr. I wrote a book about Nine-Eleven, but it’s just a little book. If I could tell you anything about the events of September 11th, 2001, it would be in this book. The basic information inside of…..

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The Presence – The Gray Stage

Greg Fernandez Jr | August 14, 2018

Whatever it was that Raniya Crowley saw in the apartment that night, Komel’s sister, Sidrah, saw it too. Sidrah told me there was something standing by the door. “So, I figured it was David,” said Sidrah, “and I called his…..

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May 21st 2011 – The Day The World Did Not End

Greg Fernandez Jr | July 30, 2018

The Bible is the Living Word of God. Read the scriptures. You will have questions. God will show you the answers. What does Jesus Christ tell you when you read John 3:16? What does Jesus Christ mean when He explains…..

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Bohemian Grove 2018

Greg Fernandez Jr | July 28, 2018

Every year the Bohemian Club hosts a private two-week gathering in Monte Rio, California. We often hear about who has attended Bohemian Grove in the past, including Walt Disney, but who attends today? Bohemian Club members and guests may see…..

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Walt Disney at Bohemian Grove 1936

Greg Fernandez Jr | July 22, 2018

Walt Disney attended Bohemian Grove in 1936. On page 136 of his book, Walt Disney: An American Original, Bob Thomas mentioned what happened during Disney’s visit. “In 1936 he was invited to the annual encampment of the Bohemian Club,” wrote Bob Thomas, “a…..

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Inspector General Testifies Before Congress

Greg Fernandez Jr | July 3, 2018

On June 18th, 2018, Inspector General Michael Horowitz appeared before the House Judiciary Committee & the House Oversight Committee, four days after the release of the report on Clinton Emails and Questionable Decisions made by FBI and DOJ officials. You can…..

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Demons in the Bible: One Path to Heaven

Greg Fernandez Jr | June 30, 2018

Walter Bradley returns to discuss Jesus, Israel vs. Israel, the New World Odor, and the One Path to Heaven. Every human is under attack by the evil forces, but in this fight we have already achieved victory through Jesus Christ……

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AVPD Property and Evidence List: The Gray Stage

Greg Fernandez Jr | June 29, 2018

Here is a breakdown of the Apple Valley Police Department Property and Evidence List. You can  follow along by downloading the Property and Evidence List here. Not all items were documented in the files, and I have a list of the…..

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David Crowley: 485 Pages of Data

Greg Fernandez Jr | June 17, 2018

Greg Fernandez Jr. | 6/17/18 This is an overview of the 485 pages of BCA data obtained by Dan Hennen. The data does not support the official theory, in my opinion. The 94 pages of Police Reports do not explain why…..

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Freemasons: New World Odor

Greg Fernandez Jr | June 15, 2018

Greg Fernandez Jr. | 6/15/18 Tim Wolfe joins me for a discussion about Freemasons, the New World Odor, and Jesus Christ.  

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They Were Plotting Against Donald Trump

Greg Fernandez Jr | June 15, 2018

Greg Fernandez Jr. | 6/15/18 On June 15th, 2018, President Donald Trump made a “surprise appearance” on Fox & Friends outside the White House. Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy spent thirty minutes interviewing President Trump. Doocy was quick to ask about…..

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