Regarding the Slopumentary – The Gray Stage

Regarding the Slopumentary, the final product was A Gray Shame. Too bad they chose to ignore all the facts about the case (The Research Documents). Instead, viewers were distracted by rumors, speculation, and propaganda.

If you want answers, ask questions.

Gray Stage articles
1) A Gray Shame

2) Gray Stage

3) 21 Questions of Detective Gummert

4) My Conversation with Sidrah (Komel’s sister)

5) Tom Lyden’s Fox 9 Report

6) Latest Crime Scene Photos

7) Rotten Reviews for Erik Nelson’s A Gray State

8) Research Documents

9) Mitch Heil

10) A Quick Trip to Hollywood

11) BCA Reports and Documents

12) Mason Hendricks

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AVPD Crime Scene Photos

BCA Crime Scene Photos

AVPD Reports

BCA Reports and Documents

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