Suspicious Activity – The Gray Stage

On January 19th, 2015, a neighbor called police and reported suspicious activity at the Crowley residence. The caller refused to give a name, but claimed to live a few houses down from 1051 Ramsdell Drive. Two days earlier, the bodies of David, Komel, and Raniya Crowley were found in the living room of their home.

Fifteen minutes prior to the call to authorities, a GMC Blazer truck with “army” paint stopped in front of the Crowley residence. An unknown male got out of the truck and tried to enter the house. Unfortunately, the caller was unsure if the man was able to get inside. The caller did not provide the license plate of the vehicle.

The entire incident of “suspicious activity” lasted sixteen minutes and thirty-eight seconds. The call was placed at 12:51 p.m. At 12:52, Apple Valley Police units 4949 and 4918 were assigned to the incident. Unit 4943 was also assigned to the incident at 12:53.

Unit 4918 was the first officer to arrive at 1051 Ramsdell Drive, Apple Valley, Minnesota, at 12:56. Unit 4918 noticed flowers on the front step. Unit 4949 arrived two minutes later at 12:59. Unit 4943 arrived at 13:00.

According to the Incident Detail Report, it was “unknown who was at the residence or why…it is not known if the person who tried to enter the house left [the flowers].”

The incident was closed at 13:08. If the caller’s timeline is correct, this gave the unknown male about twenty minutes to enter and exit the home before police arrived. It’s also not clear from this incident report whether or not the unknown male in the camouflage truck was the driver or passenger.

When Detective Brian Bone finally spoke with “friend of the family” Chris Klien on February 17th, 2015, at 17:00, the detective learned two very important pieces of information. First, Klien claimed he was in the house with David’s brother and father. Second, Klien told them about a bullet-hole in the living room ceiling.

“I had been trying to locate Klien,” Bone wrote in his supplemental report, “to learn why he had been at the Crowley residence on 1-19-15, as a neighbor had called in about a suspicious person at the house.”

In the beginning of their call, Klien asked about the status of the investigation and speculated “about how many rounds had been discharged at the house.”

Klien claimed he was in the house with David’s brother and father. “He indicated to me,” Bone stated in his report, “that he had been in the house since the discovery of the Crowley family at the residence. He said he had been there with David’s father and brother and had seen there were two shot rounds in the “floor” and “roof.” Prior to this conversation I was not aware of a round being shot into the ceiling/roof.”

Detective Bone relayed the new information to Detective Sean McKnight, who then asked David’s father, Dan Crowley Sr. for permission “to enter the home to look for the damage to the ceiling.” The following day, on February 19th, 2015, at 15:00, Detective Bone and Detective McKnight returned to the Crowley home.

“We immediately found what appeared to be a bullet hole in the ceiling,” wrote Bone, “near the front door and adjacent to the living room.” Bone also wrote about the possible trajectory of the bullet, speculating the shot must have come from the living room area.

When the detectives looked for access to the attic, they discovered the attic access from the master bedroom closet was open.

“This had not been open at the time of our initial search of the house on 1-17-15.” Bone reported. “I contacted the BCA crime scene team and advised them of our findings. I requested they assist us in documenting the damage and assist in looking for the bullet in the ceiling and attic area.”

With the house secured, Detective Sean McKnight remained in the driveway while Detective Bone obtained the search warrant. The search warrant was signed by Judge S. Moynihan at 16:25, on February 18th, 2015.

“Detective McKnight and Tietz assisted me in executing the warrant,” Bone continued, “with the assistance of the BCA crime scene team and Special Agent Olson with the BCA. During the warrant they found what is believed to be a bullet in the attic area of the house.”1

In the end, Detective Sean McKnight reported, “The information given to Detective Bone could not be verified since we could not establish a definite connection between the reporter and the family.”2

McKnight also wrote about the several bullets unaccounted for when authorities left the house on January 17th, 2015, “During the initial processing of the crime scene we knew that we could not account for several bullets that may have been fired from the gun used.”

McKnight stated the bullet-hole was “near the entry way in close proximity to where the Christmas tree had been.”

McKnight and Detective Michael Tietz assisted the BCA crime scene team in “locating and documenting the location of the bullet.” The crime scene team took measurements of the bullet-hole and collected the bullet for further examination.3

Chris Klien is the only reason authorities know about the bullet-hole in the living room ceiling and the bullet found in the attic. This bullet, Item 57, does not have blood on it, only David’s nuclear DNA. Authorities seem unable to tie Item 57 to David’s gun. More so, they cannot put the gun in David’s hand.

In and Out

Who was in the Crowley residence on January 19th, 2015? Why are there so many different stories being told by those who believe David Crowley is guilty? For instance, Chris Klien claimed he was in the house with David’s dad and brother. David’s dad told Detective McKnight that was not true. Authorities respond by never following up on the differing stories.

Mason Hendricks stated he was in the house with Klien. Of course, this was the same guy who claimed the reason why the public got so little information a year after the deaths was because of the Department of Homeland Security. Detective Gummert stated the DHS was not involved. Hendricks also tried to tell me the FBI was involved. Again, Detective Gummert stated that was not true.

Regardless, Mason Hendricks claims to have seen the bullet-hole in the house, and claims to have been in the attic on January 19th, 2015. Hendricks claimed he walked in the house with at least two other people on that day. Hendricks looked up at the ceiling and immediately saw the bullet-hole.

“I looked over to another friend of ours,” Hendricks told me, “and I was like, they couldn’t fuckin’ see that hole right there?”

How did Hendricks know police missed the bullet-hole? More so, why didn’t Hendricks, or anyone else in the house with him, inform authorities about the bullet-hole? Especially since they knew police didn’t know about it?

Hendricks was wrong when he claimed David’s blood was on the bullet. He was wrong when he said it was proven Item 57 came from David’s gun. He was wrong when he said David’s fingerprints were on the gun. He was wrong when he stated the bullet hole was blocking the Christmas tree on January 17th, 2015. He was wrong when he stated DHS and FBI had to “sign-off” before the public could get information from authorities.

Was Mason Hendricks also wrong when he stated the pact theory came from one of David’s parents? There’s no evidence of a pact between David and Komel to commit suicide and murder their five-year-old daughter. That hasn’t stopped some from trying to connect those dots.

David Crowley’s neighbor, Judy Prochnow, still believes there was a pact between David and Komel to ascend out of this world by committing a double-suicide murder. Still, Judy told me, “I don’t think Dan or Kate Crowley, I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think they, they didn’t want to believe that David even did it. So I don’t think they even thought of a pact theory.”

Mrs. Prochnow also tells a different story about January 19th, 2015. “No one was in the house before the cleaners,” Prochnow explained to me. “Chris Klien and them were in the house the day after the cleaners called about finding the bullet.”

To be clear, Chris Klien and others were in the house on January 19th, 2015. The cleaners didn’t find the bullet that rolled out of the carpet until January 20th, 2015.

When I reminded Judy that Klien was in the house on January 19th, she responded with, “Well, the cops might say that, but they weren’t.” Judy believes Chris Klien was wrong about the date he was at the Crowley home, “He just got the dates mixed up.”

The date in Detective Bone’s report, and in the Incident Detail Report are clear. I think it’s Judy who got the dates mixed up, not anyone else.

“The neighbor, whoever called,” Judy continued, “took down the license plates of the cars that were there and called in to police. One of them was Chris Klien’s and I know one of them was Mason’s.”

These are just a few examples of the many conflicting stories related to the events of January 19th, 2015. Based on a call about suspicious activity, Detective Bone went looking for a “suspicious person,” not persons. The suspicious activity tells the story of Item 57, the bullet found in the attic one month after the deceased were removed from the house. Item 57 is one of many reasons why this case should be reopened and re-examined.

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