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Whatever it was that Raniya Crowley saw in the apartment that night, Komel’s sister, Sidrah, saw it too. Sidrah told me there was something standing by the door.

“So, I figured it was David,” said Sidrah, “and I called his name. But it didn’t move. It just stood there.”

In 2011, Sidrah experienced some scary stuff, “But I was told by David to not take it with me because these things follow.” While sleeping over at David and Komel’s apartment, Sidrah was awoken by the screams and cries of Raniya, who was sleeping beside her. Sidrah went to console her niece and saw something, or someone by the bedroom door.

“I freaked out,” Sidrah explained, “and ran out the door and went to their room and I saw David on the ground praying. He said he felt the energy was off that night. He told us to go in the room and he chanted some stuff from the Bible and some of Raniya’s toys went flying and hit the walls.”

The Crowley family then moved across the hall to see if the presence would follow them there. Sidrah wasn’t sure if “it” followed David and Komel, but she did recall what her sister told her the last time they saw each other in Texas. Komel was hearing whispers while she slept.

“She would be sleeping,” Sidrah told me, “some things would whisper in her ear and tell her stuff like leave David, or random things, and she would wake up angry at him.”

I also asked about the “Redman” mentioned in a review of A Gray State by Erik Nelson. According to Sidrah, Erik Nelson’s portrayal of the Redman in A Gray State was inaccurate.

“Red man was just something they would scare her with when she wouldn’t listen,” Sidrah stated. “It’s just a little red man that comes up when a movie starts.”

One might argue it was the number of inaccuracies in Erik Nelson’s documentary that prompted the Alam family to remove themselves from the production of A Gray State. If Nelson’s team would have sent me an advanced copy of the slopumentary, I may have demanded they remove my footage as well.

After the deaths of David, Komel, and Raniya Crowley, Sidrah was inside the house where the killings happened. “When we visited the house,” said Sidrah, “we heard Rani’s laughs in there.”

A Message from Sidrah

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3 thoughts on “The Presence – The Gray Stage”

  1. Mary says:

    Hi there. I’ve just came across with listening to this video. Firstly if ok to say that my heart truly goes out to Crowley family and also komel’s family. So sad with what happened to this family.

    With listening to this footage if ok to maybe say on one two things. Firstly to say that most relationships / marriages will go through ups downs. Rough patches. Which I feel that regards to this shouldn’t be placed as a reason to place the guilty verdict onto David. Every relationship/marriage does go through many rough patches. It happens. And include with many arguments or heated arguments. This is just normal.

    With the little girl in basement. That was placed in documentary. Really don’t understand why this was even placed into documentary. (?).
    I am a mother myself. And when seen this I knew straight away that it was a type of time out and she was having a tantrum.
    Just as most kids do.
    My daughter who was aged around 2 years old went into big major tantrum once over not getting a full snow ball cake. As I said she’d could only get half of one. She ended up screaming banging feet throwing herself on to hallway floor which lasted for over four hours. Lol. Which myself and my husband just ignored till she decided to stop this. I just don’t understand reason to why this was in documentary. (?). My own feelings with the documentary…. did seem to feel like it was to make out that David and komel where crazy married couple. My question is what the reason with doing this (?).

  2. Lorri Cotton says:

    I guess that kind of answers the question of the “supernatural/occult” angle. More excellent writing from you, as always.

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