Tom Lyden of Fox 9: The Gray Stage

Tom Lyden of Fox 9

One year after the alleged double murder-suicide committed by David Crowley, Fox 9 investigator Tom Lyden interviewed Apple Valley Police Chief Jon Rechtzigel. I wonder if Mr. Lyden actually read the 94 pages of police reports released by the Apple Valley Police Department. I also wonder why Mr. Lyden failed to ask Chief Rechtzigel why it took his department one month to located the bullet they believe David killed himself with.

Apparently, authorities who entered 1051 Ramsdell Drive on January 17th, 2015, did not notice a bullet hole in the living room while conducting their thorough investigation. Within hours of finding the bodies, Detective Jim Gummert assumed David Crowley was guilty after assessing the crime scene. Yet he too did not look up at the ceiling of the living room to see a bullet hole above his head. Is that truly a thorough investigation?

This case needs to be reopened, based solely on the conclusion provided by the Apple Valley Police Department and their lack of evidence to prove their theory. The Apple Valley Police Department have a theory. Their theory alleges that David Crowley “snapped” and killed his wife and daughter. Then David allegedly killed himself after leaving two notes in two separate rooms.

A hand-written note was left in the office bedroom. With the page flipped open, the contents read, “Open “The Rise” most recent version” and “Submit to Allah NOW.”


The other note was found on David’s laptop, “A message in a Text Edit window on the MacBook,” according to Detective Brian Bone.1


Like many others, the Apple Valley Police Chief believes David was the one who wrote “Allahu Akbar” at the top of the living room wall, after killing his wife and daughter. Where is the evidence?


Within 24-48 hours of finding the bodies did police truly believe David was guilty? What evidence led them to rule out foul-play so early into their investigation? What evidence led them to dismiss alternative conclusions? Unless this case is reopened we may never get the answers to those questions since the Apple Valley Police Department is no longer discussing this case.

Two Days Later

On January 19th, 2015, an unnamed neighbor called police about a “suspicious person” inside the Crowley residence.2 On January 20th, Bio-Tech Emergency Services, a company hired to clean the Crowley home, called Detective Sean McKnight “at the request of David’s father…a bullet had come out of the [living room] carpet and fallen to the floor.”3

On February 17th, 2015, Detective Brian Bone contacted the “suspicious person” by phone. During their thorough investigation, in two separate police reports, police spelled the suspicious person’s name three different ways. Klein, Kline and Cline. Christopher Cline told police about the bullet hole which led to a bullet in the attic.

“Cline reported to be a friend of the family,” Detective McKnight wrote in his report, “and said he had been inside the home with Dan Sr. and Jr. and had seen the bullet hole then.”4

Detective McKnight then asked Dan Crowley Sr. (David Crowley’s father) if he had been in the home with Cline on January 19th, 2015, “He told me that he was not aware of the bullet hole and had not gone into the home with Cline.” Police never followed up on the conflicting statements taken by Dan Sr. and Cline, but McKnight made sure to note that police were unable to “establish a definitive connection between [Chris Cline] and the family.” Of all the people involved in this case, Chris Cline is probably the one I know the least about so far. Who is Chris Cline?

Someone who did claim to be in the house with Chris Cline on January 19th was Mason Hendricks, also known as Mason Norsk Hest, who is featured in Tom Lyden’s video report of this incident.

Hendricks stated multiple people were there with he and Chris Cline, “We took and tore into everything, you know, ceilings, up in the attics, I mean we were everywhere.” Hendricks stated they were looking for anything that would help them understand why David would commit a double murder-suicide. He found nothing. Unlike police, and apparently anyone who entered the house on January 17th, 2015, Hendricks noticed the bullet hole in the living room as soon as he walked into the house on January 19th.

“I looked up,” Hendricks told me, he turned to someone else in the house and asked, “They couldn’t see the hole?…It’s pretty difficult to not see this hole in the ceiling.” Hendricks was willing to give authorities the benefit of the doubt, perhaps police did not see the bullet hole in the living room because the Christmas Tree was blocking their view.

Looking at the photographs of the crime scene, including the Christmas tree, I do not understand how police missed the bullet hole above their heads.

That leads us to the issue of the bullet found in the attic. This is the bullet police allege David killed himself with. Yet they do not discover the bullet until their third trip to the Crowley residence? I find that hard to believe.

Police returned to the scene of the crime for a third time on February 18th, 2015, and took several photographs of the bullet hole in the living room, as well as the bullet found in the attic. “We looked for access to the attic area of the house,” Detective Brian Bone wrote in one report, “and found that the attic access from the master bedroom closet was open. This had not been open at the time of our initial search of the house on 1-17-15.”5

Tom Lyden began his investigative segment declaring, “It’s important at this point to really get all the facts out on the table. I think that’s the most important thing here.” Mr Lyden, if you really want to get all the facts on the table, please consider researching the numerous facts you forgot to mention.

Chief Jon Rechtzigel described the Crowley family as “the ideal family, seemingly” before stating he believed “something went terribly wrong” inside the Crowley house. Without providing any substantial evidence, Chief Rechtzigel then claimed that David Crowley “snapped.”

“It looks like David snapped,” Rechtzigel told Tom Lyden, “and took the lives of his wife and daughter, and then ultimately himself.”

Chief Rechtzigel also believed “a great deal” of the Gray State movie was the reason why David killed his wife, child and himself. “From all accounts,” the police chief told Tom Lyden, “he was consumed with producing this film and it was a dark topic. Here you’re talking about conspiracy theories and potentially the fall of society, and if you’re focusing on that day-in-and-day-out, and these are materials you’re working with, and you’re filming exclusively on that topic, that can take you to a very bad place.”

“Judging by the mail piling up and a paper in the home, the murder-suicide took place the day after Christmas. David shooting Komel twice in the head, Raniya once, before shooting himself. Between their bodies, a Quran with pages torn out, opened to a traditional forgiveness prayer.” – Tom Lyden

Chief Rechtzegil told Tom Lyden that David Crowley used Komel’s blood to write Allahu Akbar at the top of their living room wall, close to a clock mounted on the wall. Asked why he believed David wrote the words in his wife’s blood, the chief responded, “We believe that was kind of a parting shot…probably at Komel for having a Muslim past.”

“This has nothing to do with Islam,” Mason Hendricks told Lyden separately, “but everything to do with a man that lost his way and ultimately killed his wife and his daughter and then himself.” Hendricks thought David was being sarcastic when he wrote Allahu Akbar in Komel’s blood, “That’s him possibly throwing a jab.”

“A jab at Komel’s family?” Lyden asked.

“Possibly.” Yet this has nothing to do with Islam?

“David did not kill himself right away,” Tom Lyden reported. “He left a trail of footprints, tracking Komel’s blood through the house. In the living room his bloody fingerprint is on a laptop, opened to a text file with only a single sentence, “I have loved you all with all of my heart.” In the home office on a notepad, more bloody fingerprints and the words, “Submit to Allah Now.””

“This was a person that was not thinking clearly,” Chief Rechtzigel told Lyden. “His mind at that point was deranged. He just was not in a normal state. He wasn’t thinking rationally.”

Tom Lyden made an interesting comment stating, “David’s brother left their Christmas presents on the front step to avoid a confrontation.” Lyden didn’t elaborate on why Dan Jr. would want to avoid a confrontation with his brother by simply leaving Christmas presents on the front door stoop.

Tom Lyden also made a strange comment about the rear slider being open “apparently for the family dog.” That doesn’t make sense to me. I won’t dispute the fact that Tom Lyden is an investigator but I do wonder how much investigating he did on this case before releasing his video report.

The last time Mason Hendricks saw David, in December of 2014, David “looked like he literally was eating, sleeping and breathing on his computer. Failure was not an option for him.” Yet Hendricks believed David murdered his wife and child before killing himself. That seems like failure to me. Lyden also reported that Hendricks stated David Crowley suffered from PTSD. Hendricks still believes David is guilty “and there’s no denying it.”

Even so, Chief Rechtzigel admitted he didn’t know what caused David to murder those closest to him before committing suicide, “We don’t know what the trigger was, what was the breaking point.”

Mason Hendricks once told me, “I don’t think anybody’s ever really gonna know what actually, how it all happened.” He may be right.

Danny Mason, heavily involved in the Gray State project, told Tom Lyden, “At the tail-end of it, [David] was living the Gray State…it almost embodied him, almost to the extent of where it would dictate a lot of his thoughts and his ideas, and his, I guess, outlook in reality.”

Don’t be surprised if Danny Mason and Joe Biggs move forward with the Gray State movie. If they do, please understand that this will be their version of Gray State and not David Crowley’s. If Gray State is ever produced, I want you all to understand this film will be made by those who believe David Crowley is guilty. Welcome to the Gray Stage. Take a seat and applaud on cue.

Danny Mason & Joe Biggs

“Family members on both sides declined to talk on camera. Quite frankly, they’re afraid they’ll be harassed by some of these conspiracy theorists out there.” – Tom Lyden

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